Review | Boyfriend for Hire by Gail Chianese

Boyfriend for Hire (West Side Romance, #2)


Title: Boyfriend for Hire
Series: West Side Romance (Book 2)
Author: Gail Chianese
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Shine

Publishing date: 24th November, 2015
Pages: 278

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars


*e-copy received from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


In this sexy new series, author Gail Chianese celebrates the heart—and the heat—of modern dating. This time, a temporary boyfriend may be the right man for a permanent position…
The only girl in a family of five brothers, Tawny Torres has had enough of waiting on men. She has her life and her career all mapped out, and neither includes an apron, an iron, or a husband—yet. But when a new job emphasizes a healthy balance of work and play, she needs a guy to stand in as her love interest at a company picnic. Gorgeous charmer David “King of Pleasure” Farber fits the bill perfectly—so well that Tawny is shocked to realize she’s having a hard time letting him go…

David’s a confirmed bachelor, but he can’t get enough of Tawny’s firecracker combination of tough and tender. Unfortunately, he’s overloaded with work at his construction firm and now definitely isn’t the time for distraction—he struggles enough with that already. Still, he can’t ignore his feelings for Tawny. He’ll just have to convince her that he’s more than a
boyfriend-for-hire. And she’ll have to prove he can trust her with his biggest secret…

My Take:

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What an enjoyable book! ❤

I loved reading it. The writing is good and engaging. Although the concept of the book isn’t something fresh, the writing gives it its own essence. 😀 😀

The title “Boyfriend for Hire” might be a stretch because our lead pair are already friends and David already is hot for Tawny, the title gives off the strangers-falling-in-love vibe.

I am not a fan of the cover. :/ I have already read many fake-boyfriend-for-the-sake-of-job-or-family kind of books so the plotline wasn’t that intruiguing to me but the writing, the relationship growth, the character development made up for what the plotline lacked in originality.

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It sure was an entertaining read with sass and smartass… 😛 😛

The conversations between the pair are funny and highly entertaining, I liked Tawny’s no- nonsense attitude and Dave obviously is very likable. This is the second book in the series which I didn’t know at the time of reading but it can be read as a stand-alone. The main characters of this book act as supporting characters in the first book. I think that’s how the series is going to continue. This book makes me want to read the other books in the series.

A real entertaining read. 😀 😀

Why would I pick it up?

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For a fun and light read. 😀 😀


Review | The Worse for Were by Abigail Owen

The Worse for Were: In Love With Her Werewolf Husband of Convenience (Legendary Consultants)


Title: The Worse for Were
Series: Legendary Consultants (Book 2)
Author: Abigail Owen
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publishing date: 24th June, 2016
Pages: 141

My Rating: 4/5 stars


*ARC received from the author/publisher via Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review*


The Canis and Banes packs of werewolves have been feuding for centuries. The Hatfields and McCoys were a tea party in comparison. Until Marrok Banes, the Alpha of his pack, decides to end the fighting with a marriage of convenience. Never mind that he can’t keep his hands off his gorgeous new mate.

Tala Canis is the new Alpha of the Canis clan, the first female to claim that right, a position hard fought and won. For the sake of her people she agrees to wed Marrok. Never mind that the Alpha, once her enemy, makes her body flash heat with a single look.

But after the mating ceremony, Marrok only seems interested in one thing…taking over their combined pack while leaving Tala out of the loop. If her Alpha mate can’t learn to share, then it’s time to show him exactly why she’s an Alpha herself.

My Take:

It follows the same timeline as it’s preceding book. The first half is the repeat of the near end or a quarter of the first book of the series sans for the additional scenes with the current leads point of view or perception.


I thought it would be the same old “marriage of convenience” cliche kind of story. Considering the first book had lots of cliches. This book came as a surprise. It might also be the fact that I love it when there is a clash of dominance, as here was, between the alphas, so that can make me biased with this book over the first. ❤

But this one is still a lot more innovative and well described than the first one. I felt like the author really increased her efforts with this book. 😀 😀

Though a lit bored by the start, I loved how the story evolved the further it went. If Castor was something in the previous book. Marrok is a hundred steps ahead. I just loved his character and Tala, oh my, we need such badass female characters.


This book was a combination of all the things I love, may it be werewolves, good guy- hot, good looking , mature, understanding, the girl being a badass, the one who can fend for herself, had to be strong for her whole life and now the right person comes along and has her relax.


The fight for dominance was cherry on the cake. 😀


When Tala worries about their future because of them both being alphas and her personal issues…


How can you not fall for Marrok? Just read this! ❤

This is what Marrock says…



Honestly, it was so much fun watching these characters coming to terms with their alpha selves, dealing with the need to  dominate, overcoming their insecurities (especially Tala), protecting their pack and falling in love. ❤





Why would I pick it up?

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A werewolf story with a twist. 😀

Review | Her Demigod Complex by Abigail Owen

Her Demigod Complex: In Love With Her Demigod Billionaire Boss (Legendary Consultants)


Title: Her Demigod Complex
Series: Legendary Consultants (Book 1)
Author: Abigail Owen
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publishing date: 19th February, 2016
Pages: 145

My Rating: 4/5 stars


*ARC received from the author/publisher via Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review*


When Legendary Consultants placed Lyleia Naiad in her job as Executive Assistant to a high-powered billionaire, she was given one directive–do NOT fall in love with him. Given that he’s a demigod, a successful businessman, and handsome as sin, makes that a tall order for anyone. But as an ex-nymph, she has the unique ability to resist his god-like charms.

Or does she? More than a year later, Castor Dioskouri has managed to capture her heart, a feat no man, demigod, or god has ever managed. Given the reason she was hired, she’s kept her feelings to herself. Besides, Cas is still in love with his deceased wife from over a millennium ago, and Leia is a failed nymph who couldn’t protect her own spring.

But now, they must attend a werewolf mating ceremony together. An event where the pheromones fly, and so do clothes, inhibitions, and common sense.

Can Leia resist her heart and her boss? Or will she lose her pride, her job, and her mind trying?

My Take:

Can Leia resist her heart and her boss?

Let me answer this first. NO, obviously NOT. How could she? How could anyone?  Here’s why-


As you can see Castor isn’t just sexy, that Leia can handle very well. He is sexy on the inside too. The type of person who is perfect to be a novel’s hero and can somethings feel like a fictional character. (Though here, he surely is. 😛 )

It’s a funny read in places where Leia’s interactions with Castor was involved before they both found out about each other’s feelings. It was sassy and hilarious. Like, kiss already man! 😛 😛

Now, Leia agrees to accompany Castor for a business purpose which actually is a personal event for Castor. (How convenient!)

screenshot_2016-11-30-16-14-13-1Now you gotta make them stay together to let their love bloom. Voila! No rooms available. Our soon-to-be couple has to share a room. (How inconvenient!) This part was the generic go-to when you have to put the leads in the same room. A little imagination here would’ve been better. This was the only part the had me like- Not again. -_-


screenshot_2016-11-30-16-14-21-1Another cliche- Castor’s true love, his wife, died. So, now not wanting to get his herat broken and not having gotten over his wife he dates casually. Changing girls and getting the image of a player for Leia but can she stop falling for him? Obviously not. That’s not how love works. You have to go against all your common sense, battle all your intelligence, and listen to your heart. If you don’t do this, then my friend, you are not in love. (Reality!) 😛

No main characters are without problems or issues so why should Leia be the exception? She sure has her own set of problems to deal with, which she might have left in the past but as is the rule of cliches the problems had to arrive exactly at the time of the leads’ budding romance so that their bond could get stronger before it got more romantic.

Kaios is the reason of her miserable past and the destroyer of her identity of her as a nymph. Some guys can not take rejection like a man. They have to be whiny about it, bring their ego into it, and torture the poor girl. Kaios is the perfect ambassador for such kind of idiots.



After getting through with the convenient wedding, falling in love, attracting the enemy’s attention; Leia goes into hidding. Castor being a demigod obviously finds her.





You obviously will have to spell it out for Leia, Castor. She will still need words despite your actions showing how much you love her.


There you have it 😛 – Happy Ending! ❤ ❤

Why would I pick it up?

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This book is a quick and light read. Perfect for when you are bored and want a little no-brainer. 😉

Review | All I want for Christmas by Claudia Carroll

All I want for Christmas

Title: All I want for Christmas
Author: Claudia Carroll
Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Short Story
Publishing date: 25th November, 2014
Published by: Avon
Pages: 21

My Rating: 2/5 stars  



Christmas with the one you love. It’s going to be perfect … isn’t it?

Three couples. Three Christmases. One perfect day!

In three days Lucy and Andrew will to fly to Mexico for their beautiful wedding. What’s a twenty-year age gap when you’re this in love? Christmas dinner feels like the perfect occasion to introduce the two families to each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Workaholic Jo Hargreaves spends most of her Christmas day wondering where her unreliable new husband is.

Dawn and Kirk spend hours slaving over a mung-bean based vegan festive lunch – but Dawn’s mum is struggling to keep her true feeling to herself.

Can these three couples manage the magical Christmas they’ve been dreaming of?

My Take:

It’s a quick and easy read. The summary is very intriguing. I was really looking forward to reading it. What I didn’t realize was that this was a prequel to another book- Love me or Leave me.

Image result for what gif

So, we get a glimpse of all the three stories, the Christmas time in the lives of these 3 couples. As prequels go this book did the job right of building the excitement for the actual book. 😀

I really want to know where the stories go. All the couples visit the first ever divorce hotel in the book Love me or Leave me. That’s interesting! 😀

A proper disclaimer about this being a prequel, actually teaser, should have been given. :/ It was a huge disappointment on that part but then again it wasn’t that long so it was okay.

Why would I pick it up?

Image result for christmas read gif

To build up excitement if I was reading the actual book.


Review | A Cowboy For Christmas by Jennie Marts

A Cowboy For Christmas (Page Turners, #3.5)

Title: A Cowboy For Christmas (Page Turners #3.5)
Author: Jennie Marts
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Short Stories
Publishing date: 1st December, 2014
Published by: CreateSpace
Pages: 71

My Rating: 3/5 stars  



Holly Adams returns to her hometown with a simple to-do list from her therapist: 1) Return to your roots, 2) Face your fears, and 3) Listen to your heart. But Holly hasn’t been back since a tragic accident claimed the life of her young husband. Returning home is one thing. Facing her fears and giving her bruised heart a voice are quite another. Cowboy Levi Garrett remembers Holly as the brazen girl who once stole a kiss at a high school party, and barely recognizes the heartbroken young widow who ends up stranded at his ranch on Christmas Eve. All he wants is to remind Holly of the fearless girl she used to be. It’s holiday magic when a winter storm traps the pair together, but will Holly be able to hear her heart when it asks for a Cowboy for Christmas?

My Take:

A perfect holiday read! ❤

Light and heart touching. The reading is light but the emotions are not. You will feel deep emotions as you keep proceeding. You can feel Holly’s grief, her struggle with moving on, her efforts in trying to move on, her inner self giving her strength when she tries to chicken out, you can feel her defenses weakening, you can feel her falling in love with Levi, you can feel her fear for what she is feeling, you can feel her hesitance, in short you can feel a lot of things in this book.

Image result for the feelsgif

Levi is such a sweet character. If it wasn’t for Levi, Holly might not have been able to accomplish the list her therapist gave her. Sure, she returned to her hometown, ticking off the first thing in the list. The second thing is facing her fears, she has a fear of horses because her husband died riding one. Levi helps her get over it. He is so patient with Holly that you can’t help liking him. With the second thing ticked off there’s only one thing  left on the list.

Listening to her heart. Will Levi help her achieve that. Him being sexy is a great help along with being a nice person.

“What was it about guys in jeans and cowboy boots.”

I enjoyed reading this book. The writing is simple and it compliments with all the feelings in the story. Overcoming the fears, getting a grip of yourself, learning to deal with grief and moving on, falling in love…

She remembered the Barista asking her what she wanted for Christmas.Would a cowboy be too much to ask for?

A little co-incidental magic seals the deal. 😉 Some predictable proceedings help set the plot but it still plays out beautifully. ❤ 🙂

“It’s a special bell. It’s got Christmas magic. You can only hear it when you listen with your heart.”

Why would I pick it up?

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For all the feels! 😉 😛

Review | Within a Captain’s Hold by Lisa A. Olech

Within a Captain's Hold (Captains of the Scarlet Night, #1)


Title: Within a Captain’s Hold
Author: Lisa A. Olech
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Publishing date: 24th November, 2015
My Rating: 4/5 stars



*ARC received from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Captain Jaxon Steele is a tall, sun-bronzed, fierce-fighting Pirate King. He and the notorious crew of the Scarlet Night are both feared and respected for their ruthless reputation. The Captain’s only love is the open sea and the ship he calls home. When it comes to women, he has three rules: never sleep with another’s wife, don’t take virgins into bed, and most importantly, never bring a woman aboard—that brings the worst luck of all.

Annalise Gatherone has to leave London—tonight! Usually her only concern is the color of her latest gown, but now she’s choosing between life and death. Desperate to escape the clutches of an evil Duke, she stows away aboard the Scarlet Night, hoping she’s bound for Port St. Maria. Winning Captain Steele’s affections, she just might sneak by unharmed. But when her plans are altered in ways she never imagined, she must batten down the hatches for a journey into unknown waters…

My Take:

I loved this book! ❤ ❤

At first I was reluctant if I was going to like this book. I read this book during my reading slump and this book got me out of my reading slump. 😀

What did I like, you ask? I liked the plot, the characters, the writing style, the twists and turns, the vibe of the book in general. This is one of those books that you can go through in one sitting because you wouldn’t want to put the book down. So, my advice is to pick this book up when you are on a holiday and have a couple of hours on a stretch to read or you are not going to want to put this book down to do your boring chores. Screenshot_2017-04-02-15-50-23-1-1

I am not big of a fan of historical books. This is more of a modern historical romance. Everything in this book was in perfect balance. 😀

Screenshot_2017-04-02-15-50-33-1The female lead, Annalise was naive but not in the annoyingly naive manner. She learned her way quick and her character was a realistic portrayal of a woman in her situation. The author did not overdo it even a bit where she comes onboard as an idiot and becomes the wisest, no, Anna adapted to things well enough and her survival instincts were at par.


The moment Jaxon, the male lead, and the pirate/ captain found her, the beginning scene, his introduction into the story gave me the vibe that I was going to like the book. There are some books that pull in as soon as you open the book, this is one of those. I appreciate this book more because of how real this fiction felt. The danger, the feeling, the emotions the characters showed, everything touched me. ❤



The villain… what a great villian! The evil duke, a well written character I must say. He is a sadist who enjoys torturing women and their struggles, their screams, their blood seems to stir emotions in him.




Jaxon and Anna’s interactions are amusing at its best! 😀 I laughed so hard at some scenes. Anna’s innocence and her will to survive at all costs, Jaxon’s pirate self going all soft on her was really interesting to read.


It was kind of easy for Anna to accept that she was in love with Jaxon but Jaxon went through a lot of emotional and mental dilemma over what he should do with his feelings about Anna. Him getting a hold of himself was really funny at times.




The secondary characters were all so well-written and likable. I loved Cookie! ❤ He is a loyal and true friend to Jaxon and the comic-character in the story. He is good natured and smart. Jaxon is lucky to have a friend like Cookie, I tell you, and Anna is lucky that Cookie stood by them through it all.


Sarah is Cookie’s beloved and a very wonderful character. She has this motherly vibe going for her and she has this mystic touch to her where she can see things of the future. 😀 😀 Not to forget Robbins, poor Robbins. He is a good kid who idolizes his captain, stands for him on realising that the captain is hiding a girl on the ship.

In the start of the book when the story was focused on Annalise and Jaxon, I wanted to read more about Alice. How she survived after being caught, what was she doing. Alice is a very strong character who is not explored much in this story but I had this little nagging thought of Alice throughout the book, I wanted to read more about her.


The last paragraph of the book gave me peace at last and hinted on there being more about Alice in other books. When I was reading this book I didn’t pay attention to this book being a part of a series but Yay! I am so excited to read the next book! 😀 😀


I usually don’t read the sample chapters for the next book in a series but for the first time I did and that made me so giddy and I wanted to read the next book but didn’t have it… arghhh….

Why would I pick it up?

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Go and check out My Take. Do I need say more?