Review | Bess’s Magical Garden by M.E. Hembroff

Bess's Magical Garden


Title: Bess’s Magical Garden
Author: M.E.Hembroff
Genre: Middle Grade, Children’s Fiction
Publisher:Β FriesenPress

Publishing date: 21st Oct, 2015
Pages: 90

My Rating: 3/5 stars



*e-copy received from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Bess’s mother moves them to Pineview, away from her best friend Megan, and she terribly misses her. Six months earlier, Bess’s father died in a car crash, and she’s also in the midst of recovering from the final stages of polio. She’s in a sad and lonely place. From the moment she and her mother settle into their new home, Bess hears whispering voices and encounters a ghostly figure in the well-kept garden and in her dreams. She can’t make sense of everything and so shares her observations with Megan by writing her regular letters. During the summer, she makes new friends, including an orange and white tomcat that she names Pumpkin, and her new neighbour Josie. With the help of Mrs. O’Toole, the woman who watches her, Bess continues to recover, both physically and emotionally. She becomes more and more curious about the garden and the unexplained clues that she finds there. In Bess’s Magical Garden, Bess discovers her own true strengths through enduring life’s struggles. She – with Josie and Megan’s help – also finds some hidden items in the garden, including a map, that leave the girls with more questions than answers. Who was the figure that visited Bess? Will Bess and her friends be able to uncover the garden’s secrets? Or will those secrets be mysteries forever?

My Take:

This book covers serious topics in an easy manner. I always thought that teaching how to deal with heavy issues to young minds is easier through stories and this tale is one such proof. Dealing with physical and emotional illness and hoping for the best is portrayed in this book. πŸ˜€

It was a no nonsense story from the start to end, no unnecessary page filling, all relevant turns to the story. I like that in a book. I think cutting out all the irrelevant sentences made this book a quick read with just 90 pages. It gives the 1950s vibe and the characters are all very likable. πŸ˜€

The mystery to the magical garden comes into attention when Bess starts noticing strange things and then makes a new friend. Having left her best friend behind when she moved is a bit harsh on her in addition to all that she is already dealing with so spending time in the garden, making a new friend and solving the mystery is what keeps her going.

The mystery is kind of hit or miss. Not exactly magical. Some people will like the simplicity of it and some won’t but it still makes for a decent read.

Why would I pick it up?

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For a quick read or when I want to read something significant but still with an easy pace. πŸ˜€


Review | Miss Goody Two-Shoes by Charlotte Hughes

Miss Goody Two-Shoes


Title: Miss Goody Two-Shoes
Author: Charlotte Hughes
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Publishing date: 10th August, 2015
Pages: 216

My Rating: 4/5 stars



*ARC received from StoryCartel in exchange for an honest review*


A Fresh Start . . .

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Kane Stoddard was an angry, bitter man, until the sweet uplifting letters from Melanie Abercrombie painted a picture of a life he longed for. Now that his name has been cleared, he wants to start a new life and meet the woman who gave him hope when his situation seemed hopeless.

Fighting Her Impulses . . .

Mel doesn’t know what to make of the scruffy bearded Kane who rides up on his motorcycle. Her first thought is he escaped from prison and is dangerous. Stunned by their rapid and sizzling attraction, she tries to fight her impulses and hang on to her prim and proper lifestyle. Mel worries that Kane will leave her once he grows tired of a small town life where he is still treated as an outcast.

My Take:

This is a very sweet love story. Not those extremely cheesy types. This book also proves how lending an ear to listen and speaking a few kind words can give immense hope to someone in hopeless times, can be their light in darkness and can help them fight the evil off. πŸ˜‰

Kane is convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. Mel is a prim and proper girl. She is a member of the church, through the church’s program she starts writing letters to Kane. Kane never replies but Mel never stops writing. Although Kane doesn’t reply to Mel’s letters, her letters keep him going. When he is released from the jail because the real convict is arrested he decides to meet and thank the woman who wrote him letters.

He drops unannounced at Mel’s place. First she mistakes him for a workman, when she realizes who he actually is, the first thing that comes to her mind is that Kane ran off. After all those misunderstandings being cleared, Kane is invited to stay with Mel and her dad. Mel’s little sister doesn’t like Kane and often passes snide remarks.

Mel has a boyfriend, who has a little girl. She loves the girl and they share a good bond. Mel helps street animals and has many of them in the backyard including a pig.


With the turn of events, Kane and Mel start growing close. They get to know each other and start falling for each other.


When everything is going right, there is supposed to be a fight like in every love story. After the big fight, towards the end of the book, Kane proposes and well, we get a happy ending! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


The characters, the setting, the language was all very simple and engaging. It was a easy and fast-paced read. I really enjoyed Kane’s character. πŸ˜€


Why would I pick it up?

For the sweet, easy read and fast paced love story. πŸ˜€


4 days for 4 books!

So, I am done with my today’s quota…. and 50 or so pages from tomorrow’s book too. πŸ˜›

I read Are you afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon and read some pages ofΒ A Stranger in the mirror, which, hopefully I will be done with, tomorrow.

Not exactly, I don’t dance. πŸ˜›

So, 4 days left from tomorrow to complete myΒ July to-be-read listΒ and 4 books left. Yesterday I decided to readΒ one book each dayΒ to accomplish my goal and I am very happy that I have started following it because as you already know, I am not a fan ofΒ plans.

I could have read more of the book that I was supposed to read tomorrow, actually today because it is already past 12, but I wasted time watching lame videos. Sometimes, I miss theΒ days without internetΒ and sometimes I don’t. πŸ˜‰

I shouldn’t let my excitement on completing today’s goal get the better of me because I still have 4 days to follow this plan. Let’s see how it goes. I really hope to stay focused. πŸ˜› (That’s one of the things I am bad at. πŸ˜› )