Blog Tour | Promo Blitz | Unfearing by Shane Morgan

Check out the promo event for the second book in Shane Morgan’s YA Fantasy trilogy. 

Series: The Unresisting #2
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Synopsis via Goodreads:

Natasha has finally learned the truth about herself, but she’s also discovered that having so much power comes with a price. 
After a close encounter with dark forces, Nat decides to trust the one person Chace warned her against, traveling to a dangerous place where no Ledarian is welcomed. 
Love is tested and more secrets are uncovered as Nat seeks a way to relinquish her vulnerable state and face her most powerful threat ever.

My heart felt as if it would burst from my chest as I watched hopelessly while Ethryen ascended into midair, his fingers tightly wrapped around Chace’s neck. “Chace!” I cried, running towards them. 
Jesse grabbed my arm and tugged me back. “Don’t!” he warned as Ethryen floated over the dark pit with Chace. “He’ll drop him.” 
“Do something!” I screamed at him, and then looked across at Ophelia and the man with long gray hair. 
They took slow steps forward but halted when Ethryen yelled, “Back! Or I’ll release him to the depths of this pit!” 
“Why can’t you just give up?” Chace choked out. “It’s over!” 
Ethryen growled. “It’s never over!” He drenched himself in a massive amount of red flames. It seeped from his body and trailed along the rocks to the ground of the cave, blazing all around us. “Give me the amulet or watch them die!” 
Chace struggled to free himself, clawing at Ethryen’s fiery hand at his neck. 
I moved forward again. Jesse wrenched me back. “We have to help him!” I shouted through clenched teeth. 
Ethryen glared down at me, cackling viciously. He commanded his flames to blaze higher. It flared in front of me and Jesse, forcing us back against the rocks. Jesse moved me behind him, protecting me from the flames. I tightly grasped his arm, desperate, wanting so badly to stop Ethryen once and for all. 
The monster spun back to Chace. “The amulet!” he barked. “Release the power to me! Now!” 
Chace gazed down at me with widened eyes, remorse veiling his face. Then with his left hand he started to rifle in his pocket. 
“Don’t do it!” Ophelia urged. She tried to diminish Ethryen’s flames with her own, but it was useless. The fire only blazed more, keeping us back. 
Fearing for our lives, Chace snatched the amulet out of his pocket and held it up before Ethryen. 
“No!” Dorin, the older man, and Ophelia shouted all at once. 
“Speak the words!” Ethryen ordered. “Now!” 
“Stop your flames first!” Chace bargained, tight-lipped and fuming. 
Ethryen growled, “Do you really think you can bargain with me, boy?” He waved his free hand and the red flames edged closer to us. Our backs pressed against the rocks. Should his fire touch our bodies it would have the same impact on the others as it did on me earlier. And I wasn’t sure I’d survive another hit like that. 
“I’ll do it!” Chace hollered fearfully, his hand shaking with the amulet. He looked down at me, and I knew what he was about to do. Chace would give Ethryen what he wanted just so he could protect me. 
I couldn’t allow it. 
There must be a way to stop this. 


About the Author
Shane Morgan is an author of Young Adult and New Adult fiction. She enjoys contemporary, fantasy, romance, and horror. Shane currently lives in Rhode Island with her husband, where she spends her days blogging, writing and listening music.

Blog Tour | Week Blitz | Riverview Series by Melissa A. Hanson

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YA Clean Romance
“A Healing Heart” – Riverview Series Book 1 – Updated 7/4/2015 (orig publish 2012)

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On a bitter cold winter night Bailey Walsh’s family was killed in a traffic accident. Two years later as she lives with her aunt and uncle in Southern California, Bailey is still plagued by the nightmares of that terrible night. Everywhere around her are reminders of what she lost. Even her aunt, in a cruel twist of fate, is not just her mom’s sister, but her identical twin.
Babysitting Riley, a spunky two-year old, is a sweet distraction and one constant light in her life. One day as she takes Riley to the park she meets Collin McKenna, a senior at her high school and her life is changed forever as he helps her find herself and realize her life is worth living.
As the romance between them grows her broken heart begins to heal. However, still nagging in the back of her conscious is the fear that her new found happiness could come crashing down and she could lose everything she loves, yet again.
Outside forces begin to tear them apart and Bailey must learn to trust in herself and realize that she is worthy of happiness. That sometimes love and healing comes in unexpected forms.
A story about first love, life’s unexpected tragedies, and the miracles that make it possible to move forward.
A Healing Heart Buy Links
Also available as paperbacks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository
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YA Clean Romance / New Adult
“A Healing Spirit” – Riverview Series Book 2 – 8/16/2015

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A freak ski accident brings nineteen-year old Mia Kinney within minutes of death. Hurt and scared, Mia is calmed by the southern drawl and clear green eyes of her rescuer. 
Twenty-one year old Dylan Blackburn is one of the first Ski Patrol members on the scene. As his patient is airlifted to the local trauma center, he can’t shake her from his thoughts.
As Mia fights for her life, Dylan, is haunted by the blonde hair beauty, and knows he needs to make sure she’s going to be okay.
With a troubled past Dylan has vowed never to completely open himself up to another girl, but Mia continues to knock down every wall he’s constructed. When his past arrives at his front door and threatens once again someone that he loves, will Dylan be able to save Mia yet again? Or will he be too late this time?
A story of love, friendship, and the determination to turn a horrible experience into something worthwhile
A Healing Spirit Buy Links
Also available as paperbacks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository
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About the Author
Melissa A. Hanson lives in Southern California with her husband and two sons. Growing up in Southern California, inspiration for the city of “Riverview” is based on her hometown. Melissa enjoys scrapbooking and reading when time permits.
A Healing Heart was her first completed novel, and is book 1 of the Riverview Series. It is Bailey & Collin’s story.
A Healing Spirit, book 2 has now been released and is book 2 of the Riverview Series. It is Mia & Dylan’s story.
Each book is a stand-alone novel.
Book 3 of the Riverview Series is in the early stages and will be Natasha’s story.
Contact Links
twitter: @mahwriting
Choice of either e-book set or paperback set
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Blog Tour | Cover Reveal | As You Breathe Again by Molli Moran

As You Breathe Again
Molli Moran
(The Walker Boys #2)
Publication date: February 4th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

She’s never had the courage to hold on to anyone. He never learned how to let go of what he wants.

Delaney Shaw isn’t looking for anything complicated. After her teaching career is put on hold, she decides to spend the summer in Georgia with her best friend. Lanie lives for the here and now, and she isn’t thinking past the end of the summer. She’s never had any problem being unattached, because she learned a long time ago that life is safer that way.

Until Reece Walker decides to change her mind.

Almost a year after his ex-wife’s death, Reece is still reeling from her passing. He’s devoted himself to raising their son and working his family’s farm to keep himself grounded. Reece feels like he’s lost sight of the man he used to be, and he’s not sure how to find his way back.

Everything changes when the woman he’s unsuccessfully tried to forget walks back into his life.

Even though she’s fighting their sizzling chemistry, Lanie is losing the war. But love isn’t always like it is in the movies, and they have real issues. Lanie is terrified Reece’s small town won’t accept their interracial relationship, and she doesn’t know how to let him in.

Lanie has had years to build her defenses, but Reece isn’t the sort to give up without a fight. If he can counter Lanie’s fears with the future only he can offer her, maybe they can both learn to breathe again.

Sequel to:

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Author’s Bio:

Molli is a Southern author who doesn’t consider her day complete if she hasn’t written. She loves coffee and talking fast, things she attributes to being raised by Gilmore Girls. She’s a romantic at heart, and brings that to her books, which are usually about characters chasing after their happily ever after. Although content when reading, she can often be found watching and flailing over Doctor Who, cuddling her various pets, or spending time with friends, family, or her girlfriend. Molli loves Oxford commas, country music, Stefan Salvatore, and scarves.

Molli is the author of The Walker Boys series, about a trio of rowdy brothers, their growth and individual journeys, and the sassy girls who love them. She’s also written a New Adult standalone novel, ONE SONG AWAY, with other books constantly on her mind. You can keep in touch with Molli on Twitter, where she hangs out as @MissMolliWrites.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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September, October, November Wrap-Up & December Plans!

These months have been crazy. I have tried to keep up with my blog as much as possible but tags, awards and wrap ups have suffered more than reviews. Although I couldn’t get all the reviews up either but posted a decent amount. Here are the books I read in these three months-

September Wrap-Up

I read 24 books in September. Out of which I reviewed 17 books and 7 are yet to be reviewed. You can click on the titles of the reviewed books to check out the reviews. 🙂


  1. Uneasy in New Orleans by Carol Carson
  2. Untouchable Things by Tara Guha
  3. Inconceivable (Little Black Box #1) by Cherrie Mack
  4. Welcome to Foxyland: Great Adventures of Little Foxycat by Wald Peterson
  5. Ino’s Love by Marianne Sciucco
  6. Never The Same by Bess Richards
  7. Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery by Tony Cooper
  8. White Horse in Winter by Franci McMahon
  9. Dear Hearts by Ericka Clay
  10. Die Again Tomorrow by Kira Peikoff
  11. Shizzle, Inc (Isa Maxwell #1) by Ana Spoke
  12. The Wilson Deception by David O. Stewart
  13. Scrapbook of the Dead by Mollie Cox Bryan
  14. Pane and Suffering (A Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery #1) by Cheryl Hollon
  15. Nostromo The Dwarf by Sam Carr
  16. His New Jam by Shannyn Schroeder
  17. His Work of Art by Shannyn Schroeder

Not Reviewed:

  1. Nirvana (Nirvana Series #1) by J.R.Stewart
  2. Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story by Becky Wade
  3. Planes, Canes, and Automobiles by Valerie M. Grubb
  4. A Bone to Pick by Gina McMurchy-Barber
  5. Crystal (Follow That Dress #1) by Cherrie Mack
  6. Bubbles: Big Stink in Frog Pond by Ben Woodard
  7. A Party For Pepper by Sarah Hartsig

October Wrap-Up

I read 13 books in October. About half of what I read in September. Out of which I reviewed 5 books and 8 books are yet to be reviewed. Click on the links to see the reviews. 🙂


  1. The House on Sunset by Lindsay Fischer
  2. The Cypress Trap by JC Gatlin
  3. Uncharted Territory by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
  4. Mathieu by Irene Ferris
  5. Welcome Back, Jack by Liam Sweeny

Not Reviewed:

  1. Miss. Goody-Two Shoes by Charlotte Hughes
  2. Eden Green by Fiona Van Dahl
  3. Nine Lives by Stephanie Barr
  4. Awakening by Jeremy Laszlo
  5. Insincere by Joanne Clancy
  6. The Screaming by David Graham
  7. The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han
  8. The Accidental Engagement by Maggie Dallen

November Wrap-Up

I read 34 books in November. 7 Reviewed and 27 not reviewed. Click on the links for reviews. As you can see in the ‘Not reviewed’ section that I read a lot of Children’s books this month. My exams started this month and on a random day I wanted to read something light so I ended up reading all the Children’s books that I had. 😛


  1. Asylum II by Matt Drabble
  2. Blood Master by Kirsten Campbell
  3. Seeking the Star by Traci Borum
  4. Thompson Road by Scott Wyatt
  5. In Light of the Blood Giant by A.D.Fosse
  6. A Wedding at the Paragraph Ranch by Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon
  7. Pale Highway by Nicholas Conley

Not Reviewed:

  1. Via Roma by Mary Melfie
  2. Word Game by Steena Holmes
  3. QuickDraw by John Weeks
  4. Agatha Raisin: Hells’ Bells by M.C.Beaton
  5. Dino is Bored by S Jessen
  6. Tania’s Costume Party by Kanika G
  7. When Cows Fly by Tom Watson
  8. I Love to eat Fruits and Vegetables by Shelley Admont
  9. Garbage! Monster! Burp! by Tom Watson
  10. Bunny and a Plane. Dream of the Sky. by Roman Grachev
  11. My Birdy and My Wormy Adventures: Introduction by Brian Boland
  12. Bart, and the Disappearing Mountain by Lars Due- Christensen
  13. Billberry by Charles C. Martin
  14. The Awkward Owl by Shawnda Blake
  15. Fever Dreme by Jay Stuck
  16. Brianna, Rachel, and the Mermaid: Volume I by Audrey Ballard
  17. Making Room at Christmas by Olivia Stowe
  18. Rainy Days by Grant Hudson
  19. What’s for Thanksgiving Dinner? by Sally Huss
  20. Happy Birthday, Chris P. Bacon by Len Lucero
  21. Medieval Diggers and Dump Trucks by Riley Weber
  22. All I want for Christmas by Claudia Carol
  23. The Night before Christmas by Clement C Moore
  24. Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble by M. C. Beaton
  25. A Cowboy for Christmas by Jennie Marts
  26. Being Lovers by Rachel Carrington
  27. Lonesome Town by Tom Mendicino

December Plans

There’s no TBR this month because I have exams stretched till 21st of December but that won’t stop me from reading. Today is 2nd December and I already read a book yesterday. 😛

My plan this month is to get the reviews of all the books that I have read this year up. I plan to do that after 21st, that is, after my exams end. Get ready for lots of reviews. 😛 I have been lagging with tags and awards since September. I will try to do some of them as well.

And obviously, my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2015 is 150 books which I set up in May, so I got a little late start. Although the Children’s books that I read in November did a good job for filling up my challenge but I am still on 133 books. That means I will have to read 17 books this month.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Dimple has
read 133 books toward her goal of 150 books.

Seems like a lot, what with all the juggling with exams, blog, and reading. But when I will be done, this packed schedule is going to be worth it. 😉 😀

This is it! 😀 My Wrap-Ups and Plans. What are your plans and how far along are you in your challenge if you did set up one that is. 😛


The Burrito Bowl Book Tag!

burrito-bowl-book-tagI was tagged by Shivalika @  Whimsy Journals to do this tag. Thank you so much, Shivalika! 😀

Tags like these always get me thinking because for me there isn’t one emotion, there are many. So, to pick out a specific is brain-wrecking for me. But the feel after completing such tags is always good! 😀 😀


Let’s get started- 🙂 

 RICE: THE FOUNDATION – “The book that got you into reading (or book blogging).”

I always loved to read so in true sense it would be my school essay books or English textbooks. But my first book was- well, I am confused. I think I read The Famous Five and the Secret of the Caves by Enid Blyton first and then David Copperfield Exercise Book. This was obviously the start of my obsession with books. ❤



BEANS: THE FILLER – “A book with a whole lot of nothing happening.”

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L.James. Need say more? If not for the little blackmailing, gun firing and coma stuff in the last book, I would most probably have named the whole trilogy. But the climax of the last book saves it.

PROTEIN: THE BUILDING BLOCK – “A book quote to live by.”

These are from The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. There are many quotes like these in that book that have my heart. ❤


Do I even have to say anything? All of the Harry Potter quotes, come on, man, you have to love all of them. No exceptions! 😀



FAJITAS: THE CRUNCH OF TEXTURE – “A book with immaculate world-building.”

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and
These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Maegan Spooner.

The only books I have read that can fit this question are the ones I am going to select, because, no option. I liked both of these books very much. 😀



SALSA: THE DANCE OF FLAVOUR – “A book that kept you on your toes.”


Deception Point by Dan Brown. This book had me enthralled and kept me alert till the last fullstop.

CORN: THE EXPLOSION OF SWEETNESS – “A memorable scene involving friendship/romance.”

Can’t pick one. There are way too many memorable scenes that I can’t figure even one out. 😛

CHEESE: THE BOND OF CALCIUM – “Two characters from different books you wish could be friends.”

Umm… this is a difficult one. Can I just skip this one? :/ I could have not included this question but then I would have felt like I cheated. :/

SOUR CREAM: THE TANGY TOPPER – “The quirkiest character you’ve ever read (protagonist or supporting).


Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. With all those wigs and weird clothes, Lola has to be the quirkiest. 😛

GUACAMOLE: THE COST OF CREAMINESS – “A book you paid too much for (based on utility experienced).”

Fortunately, None! 😉

LETTUCE: THE HANDFUL OF CRISPNESS – “A refreshing concept/theme in a book.”

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

For me, it is Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgon Matson. I will take a road trip someday just because of this book. 😀

CHIPS: LE PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE – “A must-read recommendation if you like [this book/genre—you decide!]”


The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. ❤ That’s my favorite book, you don’t need any other reason to recommend your favorite book, do you? 😛

TABASCO: THE KICK TO THE FACE – “Your favourite fight/action sequence.”

How about a punch in the face? 😛 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K.Rowling. 

Well, okay, okay, I know Hermione slapped Draco in the book but a punch is way more dramatic. 😛

(p.s. I haven’t read Harry Potter but I couldn’t think of any other scenes. :/ )

I tag: 

The Encouraging Thunder Award!


Awards are like a pat on the back, they are always encouraging. 🙂 I’ve been nominated for a new award i.e., The Encouraging Thunder award. 😀 😀

Thank you Raven for nominating me! ❤ I like your blog Dreamy Addictions and the name is just wow! ❤ 😀


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging.
  • Nominate others for the award.

My Purpose of Blogging:

Many of you out there have the same reason as mine when it comes blogging. Having no one to share your book love with.

I love putting my thoughts out there. The best feeling for me is to be heard and appreciated and this is the perfect platform for me. 😀

This is my purpose. ❤ ❤

I blog to be happy and share my love and passion for books. No other purpose needed! ❤



My nominees: