Review | A Naturalist Goes Fishing by James McClintock

A Naturalist Goes Fishing: Casting in Fragile Waters from the Gulf of Mexico to New Zealand's South Island


Title: A Naturalist Goes Fishing
Author: James McClintock
Genre: Non Fiction, Sports
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Publishing date: 27th October, 2015
Pages: 272

My Rating: 3/5 stars


*e-copy received from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


In the tradition of fishing classics, A Naturalist Goes Fishing combines elements of the triumph between fisher and fish, humor and wit, and a passionate concern for the natural environment.

James McClintock takes us to some of the most breathtaking waters the world has to offer while capturing the drama and serendipity in the beloved sport of fishing. We follow him and his fishing buddies and professional guides, as he fishes off the marshy barrier islands of Louisiana, teeming with life but also ravaged by recent disasters like the Deepwater Horizon spill. We travel to the remote waters of New Zealand’s Stewart Island, where the commercial fishing industry is fast disappearing; fish for gigantic Antarctic toothfish through a drilled ice hole at McMurdo Station; and scout for spotted bass on Alabama’s Cahaba River, which has the highest diversity of fresh water fish in North America. As we take this global journey, we see how sea level rise, erosion, pollution, water acidification, and overfishing each cause damage.

This strikingly beautiful narrative is a must read for anglers and nature lovers alike.

My Take:

This book makes the “reading takes you places” come true. 😀 This one book will take you to 9 fishing trips in 9 different places, if you are anything like me and haven’t been to even one, this is the book for you. 😛 😛


It has a lot of ecological and conservation information like description of the fish species, characteristics of their natural habitat, the problems arising from the change of the ecosystem, etc . An informative read is always a YES!

All the information can seem overwhelming at times but it is still enjoyable if you don’t stress over it. Not only does the author provide you with information about the fishes and their habitat, he also explains the effects of climate changes and other problems, and has dedicated a complete chapter to inform about the conservation of fishes and their habitats.

I loved the little touch of fish pictures! ❤ ❤ Screenshot_2017-06-12-21-43-52-1

Why would I pick it up?

Image result for fish reading gif animated

For a virtual fishing trip. 😛


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