Review | Her Demigod Complex by Abigail Owen

Her Demigod Complex: In Love With Her Demigod Billionaire Boss (Legendary Consultants)


Title: Her Demigod Complex
Series: Legendary Consultants (Book 1)
Author: Abigail Owen
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Publishing date: 19th February, 2016
Pages: 145

My Rating: 4/5 stars


*ARC received from the author/publisher via Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review*


When Legendary Consultants placed Lyleia Naiad in her job as Executive Assistant to a high-powered billionaire, she was given one directive–do NOT fall in love with him. Given that he’s a demigod, a successful businessman, and handsome as sin, makes that a tall order for anyone. But as an ex-nymph, she has the unique ability to resist his god-like charms.

Or does she? More than a year later, Castor Dioskouri has managed to capture her heart, a feat no man, demigod, or god has ever managed. Given the reason she was hired, she’s kept her feelings to herself. Besides, Cas is still in love with his deceased wife from over a millennium ago, and Leia is a failed nymph who couldn’t protect her own spring.

But now, they must attend a werewolf mating ceremony together. An event where the pheromones fly, and so do clothes, inhibitions, and common sense.

Can Leia resist her heart and her boss? Or will she lose her pride, her job, and her mind trying?

My Take:

Can Leia resist her heart and her boss?

Let me answer this first. NO, obviously NOT. How could she? How could anyone? Β Here’s why-


As you can see Castor isn’t just sexy, that Leia can handle very well. He is sexy on the inside too. The type of person who is perfect to be a novel’s hero and can somethings feel like a fictional character. (Though here, he surely is. πŸ˜› )

It’s a funny read in places where Leia’s interactions with Castor was involved before they both found out about each other’s feelings. It was sassy and hilarious. Like, kiss already man! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Now, Leia agrees to accompany Castor for a business purpose which actually is a personal event for Castor. (How convenient!)

screenshot_2016-11-30-16-14-13-1Now you gotta make them stay together to let their love bloom. Voila! No rooms available. Our soon-to-be couple has to share a room. (How inconvenient!) This part was the generic go-to when you have to put the leads in the same room. A little imagination here would’ve been better. This was the only part the had me like- Not again. -_-


screenshot_2016-11-30-16-14-21-1Another cliche- Castor’s true love, his wife, died. So, now not wanting to get his herat broken and not having gotten over his wife he dates casually. Changing girls and getting the image of a player for Leia but can she stop falling for him? Obviously not. That’s not how love works. You have to go against all your common sense, battle all your intelligence, and listen to your heart. If you don’t do this, then my friend, you are not in love. (Reality!) πŸ˜›

No main characters are without problems or issues so why should Leia be the exception? She sure has her own set of problems to deal with, which she might have left in the past but as is the rule of cliches the problems had to arrive exactly at the time of the leads’ budding romance so that their bond could get stronger before it got more romantic.

Kaios is the reason of her miserable past and the destroyer of her identity of her as a nymph. Some guys can not take rejection like a man. They have to be whiny about it, bring their ego into it, and torture the poor girl. Kaios is the perfect ambassador for such kind of idiots.



After getting through with the convenient wedding, falling in love, attracting the enemy’s attention; Leia goes into hidding. Castor being a demigod obviously finds her.





You obviously will have to spell it out for Leia, Castor. She will still need words despite your actions showing how much you love her.


There you have it πŸ˜› – Happy Ending! ❀ ❀

Why would I pick it up?

Related image

This book is a quick and light read. Perfect for when you are bored and want a little no-brainer. πŸ˜‰


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