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Welcome to my stop of the blog tour for the book “A Secret Lies Deep” by Jake Hatmacher , hosted by Sage’s Blog Tours.

Let’s get on with the review, shall we?:)



Title: A Secret Lies Deep
Author: Jake Hatmacher
Genre: Psychological, Romance
Publisher: Jake Hatmacher

Publishing date: 2nd April, 2017
My Rating: 3/5 stars



SECRETS… We attempt to conceal our own but are frustrated by those concealed from us.  That is the crux of Eryn’s story as she seeks answers to the questions−the secrets−that have troubled her since her youth.  Perhaps if she wasn’t so smart these questions wouldn’t bother her, but she is.  Eryn’s new job is a further challenge to her own secret as she strives to protect it.  Not only that, but when challenged concerning her sexuality she must ultimately decide whether that secret is worth withholding forever.  It’s not that no one is aware of Eryn’s secret.  She has entrusted it to close family members and a few childhood acquaintances.  When confronted by her grandfather, unhappy with the cause of the secrecy, Eryn’s defenses and his words put a barrier between them that she feels helpless to resolve.  She desires his acceptance again.  But how will she regain it?  Perhaps if she could only find the answers to her troubling questions.  But where would she even begin?  By coincidence−or is it by divine intervention−she and her co-worker are given the task to research genealogies for a new display at their museum.  Unbeknownst to Eryn, the path to her answers begins on her flight to New York as she embarks on her new assignment.  What she experiences next is a remarkable and shocking series of events which leads to the truth she seeks, and to the discovery of who she was truly meant to be and who she was truly meant to love.

My Take:

SECRETS… We attempt to conceal our own but are frustrated by those concealed from us.

Isn’t this an intriguing starting line?

When I first read the synopsis, for me, with each sentence it took an interesting turn. The synopsis had me in as I didn’t like the cover much. (I do judge the book from it’s cover sometimes, guilty! 😛 We all do, don’t we? 😛 )

The way the synopsis ended. From drama to all philosophical, I was in. Now, I had to read the book.

What she experiences next is a remarkable and shocking series of events which leads to the truth she seeks, and to the discovery of who she was truly meant to be and who she was truly meant to love.

So, here it goes…

The book starts with Eryn’s and Diana’s playful bickering in their museum office. For some parts it was funny but some parts the wittiness felt forced like this one here.

” Work, work, work… work, work, work, that’s all we ever do!”
“Diana, why don’t you get a Snickers or something because you are starting to get on my nerves!” Eryn suggested as she sat behind her office desk reviewing the tour groups that were to come through the musuem that day.

To make up for this, the skit they plan for the museum is fun to read about and the party they go to with Diana going on crazy and Eryn having to be the voice of reason is good but Eryn kind of over thinks at a point.

Diana is the girl who keeps complaining about her work the whole time but in a funny manner while Eryn is the serious worker, that’s the reason Eryn is promoted way faster than Diana is.

The story progresses gradually, it sure has a lot to hold your attention, it could get bland at points but the next parts usually make up for it. It having female transgender main character and some paranormal undertones made up for quite an interesting read. 🙂 The patches focused on the museum and their work is very interesting as well. 😀

I feel like this book is more about the lesson it conveys than the way the story is told. If it was not for something that I believe in I am not sure I would’ve liked it much. The emotional and mental turmoil of finding out the meaning of your existence, who you actually are, what you actually want is something we all go through at one or the other point in our lives.

For some of us, it’s not that complicated but for some of us it is about questioning everything that we know of and then fighting the feel that we know nothing about ourselves, having to question even the basic stuff and living in the fear of society not accepting us.

This book touches the subject well enough. Eryn’s struggle sums it up for all us- why we are on this earth, our history that we have experienced and what we will experience.

She makes it a mission to figure out she actually is. I feel that readers will connect to her at that level and it will help the readers to embark on their own journey to discover their true selves.

Why would I pick it up?

Image result for a girl reading gif

Deep thinking? Why not? 😀

As the author says in his bio: “They also include humor, although mostly subtle…” 😛 

About the author:

jerry's portraitAs you already know, I am a professional writer. But I’m also a physician. I spent many years practicing, and practicing means working, as an obstetrician and gynecologist. I still maintain three state licenses but I spend my time now writing.

The fictional stories that I have written have sprung out of time spent treating patients. The stories are unique in that although they are fictional, they have much in the way of historical fact and medical fact. They also include humor, although mostly subtle and are flavored with a touch of fantasy.

I grew up in a city of near thirty-five thousand in the north-central part of Illinois. My higher education was at Loyola University of Chicago, followed by medical school at Loyola-Stritch School of Medicine. I treated patients for 25 years in Illinois before moving to Ohio, where I now reside.
Besides writing, my time is filled taking care of my home, gardening, hiking, and simply enjoying the fresh air outdoors and the beautiful plants and animals that nature provides. I am always trying to introduce new plants that are not invasive, conserve water and attract butterflies. The reason for wanting to attract butterflies has a story, but let me just say here, it mostly has to do with their variety of color and the way they appear to float on the air as they fly-they are calming.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Review | A Secret Lies Deep by Jake Hatmacher

  1. This review doesn’t seem to match the synopsis. I read his other book and find it hard to believe this book would be so shallow to mainly be about 2 girls and their job. At least, that’s the impression I get from this review. By the way, I find the cover intriguing….the angel seems to be holding onto the secret. I’m still going to buy this book!


    • I didn’t anywhere in the review say that this book was about two girls and their job, if you read the whole review you will see that the writing style wasn’t for me so I focused on the things that I liked. I talked about the girls because if I like the start of a book then only I continue, I liked the start so I talked about it and as far as I am concerned I don’t like talking about any book in detail before it is released so I try to keep the story under wraps and write only about how I feel. 🙂

      Everyone has their own taste. The cover just wasn’t up my alley. It’s just that my opinion differs from yours. It gave me a historical feel and I don’t read historical books.

      I never said anything about not buying the book. I even linked the sites where it is available. If I didn’t want people to buy the book I wouldn’t have done that. 🙂 🙂 Go ahead and get a book then you could maybe talk about the book based on the book and not the author’s other book. 😀

      Thank you for being a supporter of the author. The author will surely appreciate supportive readers. 🙂 Cheers! Have fun reading! ❤


  2. Thank you for responding. Due to the amount of time you spent at the beginning of your review on the girls’ dialogue and activities, I got the impression that’s all the book was about. (By the way, you know the reference to Snickers is from a tv commercial, right?)

    Perhaps if you had mentioned some of the things from your response to me in the review, it woukd have been more clear to me.

    I don’t expect to agree with every review I read, however, I feel a solicited review should state the reviewers personal biases upfront. Otherwise, in my opinion, it is a dis-service to the author.


    • I do agree with your point about reviewers. I feel that’s what I did. 🙂
      That being said,the girls part is just the beginning part of my review too. I get what you mean, I should have written more about why I didn’t like what I didn’t like but my reviews always talk more about what I like than what I don’t like because something that didn’t work for me can be the next favorite for someone else. 😀

      p.s. I know the snickers reference is from a tv commercial ( 😛 ) and the reason I mentioned it is I found it unnecessary because that chapter was trying to be witty in every sentence which was having the opposite effect on me.


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