Review | Happy Birthday, Chris P. Bacon by Len Lucero, Kristina Tracy

Happy Birthday, Chris P. Bacon

Title: Happy Birthday, Chris P. Bacon
Author: Len Lucero, Kristina Tracy 
Genre: Children’s Book
Publishing date: 24th November , 2015
Published by: Lifestyles
Pages: 32

My Rating: 5/5 stars  



Chris P. Bacon is one remarkable pig. Born with malformed hind legs, he was taken to a veterinarian to be euthanized—but luckily, that vet was Len Lucero, who saw that the little guy was special. Chris P. went home with Dr. Len and within a matter of weeks became an Internet sensation and a media darling, winning thousands of hearts all over the world. Before long, he was a famous author, too!

In Chris P.’s first two books, Chris P. Bacon . . . My Life So Far and How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon, readers watched him treat his pals to ice cream cones, decorate the barn for a hoedown, bake a batch of Pigs in Mud cookies, and much more. Now he’s back—and it’s his birthday! He is turning two, and, boy, is he excited. He can’t wait for a day full of fun, friends, and family (and grapes and Cheerios, of course!). Follow Chris on his big day, starting with his morning rounds on the farm, where he shares his contagious happiness with all of his friends. Watch him prepare for his big party, and finally join him in the celebration and see what his furry and human friends have to say about Chris’s first two years as everyone’s favorite Pig on Wheels!

My Take:

Image result for piglet reading animated gif

When you combine real life stories of animals with beautiful illustrations, kids love it. This is the story of a little pig, Chris P. This piglet is born with malformed hind legs and is taken to a veterinarian to be euthanized but the vet Len Lucero takes him home.

He builds a cart for him, like a wheelchair from his son’s toys. It is Chris P.’s 2nd birthday and he is very excited, so are all the animals and humans invited to his party. The story covers the day as he waits for his party and everyone talks about how his little lovely, courageous heart has affected them.

The book has lots of colorful illustrations that makes the reading experience more fun. The pictures of real Chris P. is included in the end of the book. After looking at the pictures did I realize that Chris P. was real. Apparently he is a YouTube sensation and also an author! 😉 😀

Why would I pick it up?

Image result for piglet reading animated gif

For the cute little hero! 😉



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