Review | Take the Dog out! by Lynne Dempsey

Take the Dog Out!


Title: Take the Dog Out!
Author: Lynne Dempsey (Author), Mandy Newham-Cobb (Illustrator)
Genre: Children’s Fiction, Picture Book
Publishing date: 20th November , 2013
Published by: Lynne Dempsey
Pages: 33

My Rating: 4/5 stars  


A humorous picture book with fun illustrations, repetitive text, and sight words for the beginning reader.

“Take the Dog Out!” is a humorous picture book about a family who is too busy to take their dog outside. When the family ignores the barks, baking pans fly through the air, coffee splashes on the carpet, and Grandma gets wrapped in a cloud of toilet paper. Eventually, the family decides a walk outside is what they ALL need. Count the barks, find the dog bones, and look for the color red on each page.

My Take:

The cute little puppy wants to go out for a walk but nobody seems to pay any attention to him. He goes to every family member, barks and tries to make his demand known. He creates a mess for every person he goes to.

The illustrations are so bright and colorful. I spent a few minutes on every picture studying the pictures. 😛 What can I say, I am easily impressed. Simple things! 😛 😛

Readers are urged to count the number of barks, and find the color red as well as the number of bones hidden on each page. It makes for a good interactive book. It has a minimal word count, short sentences, and a lot of repetitions.

It is a good book for starters because of the word count, repetitions, short sentences, and vivid illustrations.

Why would I pick it up?

Image result for kid reading animations

To stare at the adorable illustrations! ❤ 😛


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