Review | Tania’s Costume Party by Kanika G.



Title: Tania’s Costume Party
Author: Kanika G.
Genre: Short Story
Publishing date: 15th September , 2014
Published by: Smashwords Edition

My Rating: 4/5 stars  





Tania is invited to a costume party. Mama tells her she can go as whatever she likes. There are so many choices. Tania can’t decide. Read on to find out what amazing costume Tania chooses.

My Take:

I am sure that the kids are going to enjoy this book. Tania is very excited for the costume party she is invited to.It’s her best friend Karishma’s birthday party. Her mom tells her that she can go as whatever she likes. That’s the point of a costume party, right?

She meets with her friends. They tell her that they are going as a doctor and a bookworm respectively. She is confused between being an eagle and a lion. Her mother tells her to decide so she could put a costume together for Tania.

Tanisha’s mother works on her costume as a bookworm. There’s a cute picture of a bookworm hairband. I loved it. ❤

Tania keeps thinking about what she wants to be. Her little mind gets confused having so many options. Her mother gives her a book about the mystical creatures. Tania decides on being something that will help her be a lion and an eagle at the same time. To know what that is, you got to read the book. 😛 😛

Why would I pick it up?

Related image

This book is very well written and has cool illustrations and pictures to keep the kids engaged. 😀 😀


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