Review | Dino is Bored by S. Jessen



Title: Dino is Bored
Author: S. Jessen
Genre: Short Story, Children’s Fiction
Publishing date: 13th March , 2015
Published by: Smashwords Edition

My Rating: 3/5 stars  




Dino is bored.
No matter how hard he tries, nothing seems funny.
He goes in to see his mother.
“Mom. I’m bored!”
“Well then, go and build a tower with some stones,” she says.
“Oh no! That’s boring,” says Dino.

Everything is boring when you are bored. But Dinos mother knows what to do.

My Take:

This book shows children the best way to deal with boredom is to do some work. Here, Dino is bored so his mom suggests him a series of tasks to overcome the boredom but he isn’t interested in any.


His mom then makes him do a task which half way through he starts enjoying and after completing the task given by his mom goes on to take all her other suggestions and he is no longer bored.

The illustrations are very colorful and cute. Good pictures to draw children’s attention. Although the illustrations are good and Dino is cute, the story comes out a bit weak.


Why would I pick it up?

Because we all need to read children’s book from time to time. 😛


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