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SiTN Front Cover


Title: Sirens in the Night
Author: Michael Bradley
Genre: Fiction, Supernatural Thriller
Publishing date: 15th November , 2015
Published by: Amberjack Publishing
Pages: 332

My Rating: 4/5 stars




When three corpses are found at a construction site in Philadelphia, homicide detective Samantha Ballard is assigned to investigate the bizarre deaths. The bodies seem like a hoax – withered like ancient mummies, yet dressed in modern day clothing. As more mummified corpses begin to appear throughout the city, Samantha must embark on an investigation that erodes the line between the possible and impossible.

Jack Allyn, a radio DJ who thinks his career is in a downward spiral, has his world rocked by the unusual murder of his friend. As Jack begins to search for answers, he finds himself coming face to face with a force that is as malevolent as it is entrancing.

With his life in danger, Jack must join forces with Samantha to save the city from an evil that threatens the people of Philadelphia. But with the odds stacked against them, can Jack and Samantha save their city from a primeval force with a deadly purpose?

My Take:

What an ending! You don’t exactly get this kind of an ending in the thrillers. Usually the protagonist saves the day going unhurt but well, life is full of surprises. 😛 If the ending wasn’t this then maybe I would have had a difficult time liking this book because there was no chance for anything otherwise. It could have been anything else only with a lot of convenient co-incidences and that makes a thriller lose it’s charm for me.

I am glad that the author kept it real with the ending. 🙂 I started my review with the ending of the book, but, well, it was worth mentioning. One of those rare endings that keep you thinking, “Whoa! What just happened?” 😉


A good thriller always makes me happy, this is one of those good thrillers. 😀 Everything, the way the things came up, the characters’ reactions to the strange situation, their change in beliefs, everything was kept on the line with realism. The author didn’t get carried away with any one particular thing which always works in the favor of the book. A good balance of the characters’ back story, the mythological creatures’ back story, the setting’s description, the feelings of the characters for each other, was kept. Nothing confusing.

Both the main characters were trying to fight with their guilts, come in term with their pasts, and straighten their present. It gave a nice real touch to the strange killings they were dealing with.

Screenshot_2015-11-30-21-51-26-1 Screenshot_2015-11-30-21-51-41-1-1

With Samantha Ballard as a detective and Jack Allyn as someone who somehow found himself amidst all of this, having two of his friends killed, he was bound to tag along with Samantha. Their friendship was circumstance infused and fitted well with the story.


The end still has me thinking. An unconventional end to a mystery thriller. 😀 Oh, and yeah, kind of a hint in the end for further books. 😛 😛


He’s got a nice point, don’t you think? 😛



Why would I pick it up?

For that ending! ❤ ❤

Author’s Bio:

Michael BradleyBorn and raised in southern New Jersey, Michael Bradley is an author and software consultant whose frequent travels have brought him in touch with a variety of people throughout the U.S. Before working in information technology, Michael spent eight years in radio broadcasting, working for stations including the Marconi Award winning WVAQ in Morgantown. He has been “up and down the dial”, working as an on air personality, promotions director, and even program director. This experience has provided a wealth of fond, enduring, and, sometimes, scandalous memories that he hopes to someday write about. When he isn’t on the road, working, or writing, Michael hits the waterways in one of his kayaks, paddling all over Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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