Blog Tour | Guest Post | “Wrapping It All Up: Making an Ending with Finality” By Blake Gardner

“Wrapping It All Up: Making an Ending with Finality”

By Blake Gardner

The best way to draw in your reader has always been the first chapter. It will be what you read first, and will introduce you to the world. The middle is what keeps readers interested and reading the book throughout. What about the ending? The truth is if you have a lack-luster ending, there’s nothing to bring you back for the next book, which is essential if you’re book is a series. Crafting a good ending is the best way to keep the reader satisfied.

First off, you have to wrap up all the loose ends. If there are questions that need to be answered, you have to answer them. Of course, there should be more than enough room for you to continue the story, but if it’s a stand-alone novel then you should feel like there is nothing left to tell.

Should you leave you readers with a cliff hanger that makes them wanting the next book as soon as they finish it? I’ve always enjoyed a good plot a twist, especially if I didn’t see it coming. Even if you know there will be one, the results of the twist should be something you didn’t expect.

In the beginning, there was the world that you were introduced to, and in the end, there should be answers that reveal hidden things about that world.


Blake Gardner Author Photo 2Blake Gardner is a debut author from Michigan. He has always had a love of reading. Writing interested him from a young age. For a short period, Blake found himself without a driver’s license and decided to write a book with all his spare time. “You can think of a great number of imaginative things while waiting,” Blake says. He loves sharing his work with readers. Blake encourages readers to connect with him via his website, and on Twitter and Facebook.


*Media Kit prepared by Susan Barton, My Book Tour.

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