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Welcome to my stop of the blog tour for the book “In Light of the Blood Giant” by A.D. Fosse, hosted by Sage’s Blog Tours.

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Title: In Light of the Blood Giant
Author: A.D. Fosse
Genre: Animal Fantasy, Science Fiction, Distopian, Apocalyptic
Publishing date: October, 2015
Published by: Superluminal Press
Pages: 383

My Rating: 3/5 stars




A. D. Fosse delivers a darkly different futurist fantasy. Offbeat, subversive, and richly grotesque. The apocalypse just got weird…

Long after the death of humankind came the Hive. Then rose the Blood Giant bringing chaos and the end. Now the Earth is done and all that remains are the discontinued: those the Hive deemed unworthy of evacuation.

Dusk is addled and abandoned. His only concern now is deciding how best to die. The only thing he knows for certain: he ain’t gonna be sober when extinction finally takes him. Yet hope hides in the strangest of places. And soon Dusk finds himself responsible for more than simply his own destiny.

Great. Another thing to love and lose.


My Take:

The cover’s what got my attention first. Animated covers are usually eye-catchers and this one wasn’t any different. 🙂

I admit that I had difficulty getting into the book. In the first 5% I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the book but as the book progressed my opinion changed. I am glad that I did not put it off or I would have missed a good story.

This book is very different from what we are used to as science fiction, distopian, fantasy but in a good way. The writing style is very different and refreshing. It isn’t a easy read, mind you. You need to pay attention to get into it and it is worth it. 🙂

The way the story went for me is what kept me going on, from fast, shortly linked, less descriptive to more descriptive, emotional, well-thought of characters.


Blood Giants are the race of evolved rats at the end of the time. Dusk, the main character, is a drug addicted rodent who seems determined on saving an innocent life. Which is oddly very moving and emotional. It feels like guilt turning into love.


I liked the book mostly because of how differently it was written and you don’t read everyday about a rodent’s emotions and struggles, do you? 😛


Why would I pick it up?

For the strange story and weird settings. 😉


Author’s Bio:

PictureA. D. Fosse is a physicist and science communicator from the East Midlands of England. His brain is rarely elevated more than five feet and eight inches from terra firma, though his thoughts are wafting somewhere in the clouds. He is younger than some and older than others. His first novel “In Light of the Blood Giant,” continues to be elusive to read whilst driving.

Meet the author: | Twitter | Goodreads | 

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