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Title: Seeking the Star (Chilton Crosse #3)
Author: Traci Borum
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Christian Fiction
Publishing date: 6th October, 2015
Published by: Red Adept Publishing
Pages: 200

My Rating: 4/5 stars




One December night, in the sleepy Cotswold village of Chilton Crosse, a drifter named Ben collapses on George and Mary Cartwright’s snow-covered doorstep. As Christmas cheer spreads throughout the village with a Dickens-themed festival, Mary nurses Ben back to health, but she becomes curious about the secrets he seems to carry.

On Christmas Eve, one of Ben’s secrets accidentally comes to light, forcing him to confront the darkness of his past and to rediscover the faith he once knew.

My Take:

This book is a perfect Christmas read. 😀 Complete with likeable town full of likeable characters and the ever present spirit for the festival. 😀

It’s a Christmasy tale of joy, sorrow, love, and redemption.

I knew I would love this book as soon as I started reading and I must say, I was right! 😀

The simplicity of everything in the book- the story, the plotline, the characters, the ease of mystery, the festival, everything just catches you on. You don’t have to pay special attention to get into the book, it is one of those light reads that take you out of the reading slump, like the one’s you read half a month ago and when you pick it up again you still remember the earlier half as if you read it today. Christmas celebrations, the Dicken’s Festival, were all there but they didn’t overpower the story of Ben and the Cartwright’s. The lose that all three of them suffered  brought them closer during the perfect snowy Christmas.


The struggle of Ben wanting to leave and wanting normalcy is real. You feel connected to his struggle.


When the Christmas eve comes, Ben plans to leave the Cartwright’s and the Cotswold village but in a turn of events he ends up revealing all his worries to Mary who guides him. Mary and George Cartwright are the sweet couple who you always feel safe talking to like the old and happy people of children’s book. I loved them for that.


This is one of the quotes that I loved! ❤ ❤

When one of the female character’s was introduced at almost the end of the book, I felt like now we would get a romantic interest for Ben but well that wasn’t the case. 😛

I think all in all this book is a lovely tale that leaves you smiling. 😀

Why would I pick it up?

A sweet story on Christmas with a cup of hot chocolate? Yes please! ❤ ❤ A fast and peaceful read is what we require every now and then. This book is that read! 😀

Author’s Bio:

Traci Borum Profile PicTraci Borum is an insatiable bookworm whose first love is fiction.  As a little girl, she became mesmerized with books—with the textures, the smells, and most especially, the worlds created between the pages.  Years later, she discovered she could create her own worlds by writing.  She’s been scribbling away ever since, writing bits of poetry, articles, and especially fiction.

Traci has been a Creative Writing teacher at a community college for the past ten years.  She’s a native Texan and an Anglophile at heart.  She owns two “British” dogs—a Corgi and a Sheltie—and she’s completely addicted to Masterpiece Theater (must be those dreamy British accents!).  More than anything, she treasures the friendships in her life and adores her supportive family.

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