Review | Eden Green by Fiona van Dahl

Eden Green



Title: Eden Green
Author: Fiona van Dahl
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult, Thrillers
Publishing date: 31st July , 2015
Pages: 242

My Rating: 4/5 stars  



*e-copy received  in exchange for an honest review*


In a single drop of contaminated blood, there writhe millions of needle-shaped cells. When introduced to a host, they spread — healing wounds, replenishing fluids, patching bone. The host becomes unstoppable; even complete destruction of its brain isn’t necessarily the end. All their cells are gradually replaced, enhanced.

Eden Green is the third human to see the needles in action, after her best friend Veronica accepts them without thinking. Patient Zero is Tedrin, a shady manipulator who offers the corruption as a path to immortality. Only Eden, a rationalist by nature, questions Tedrin’s motives; she can’t help imagining an eternity as a human weapon trapped in a body made of needles.

Armed with reason, humor, and a shotgun, she sets out to learn as much as she can about the parasite — and how to save her sanity, Veronica, and the world.


My Take:

This is like none of the science fictions I have read. Yes, it revolves around extraterrestrial creatures or another dimension, yes, it has a group of 3 fighting them off, yes, they have to hide their kind-of superpowers but it is presented in a fresh prospect.

Eden Green, the protagonist is smart, quirky, rational, and humorous who carries a shotgun with her because her best friend, Veronica, has a tendency for inviting trouble. The story opens up with Eden going to visit Veronica after she has been in some sort of accident. What she discovers is the base for the whole book. Veronica can now punch holes in metal with her arms, legs, and well, her whole body and some weird needle things mend the broken flesh and bones. She watches Veronica in awe, unable to process what was going on.


Tedrin enters the scene, he explains that Veronica died trying to fight some creature and Tedrin saved her by inducing his blood in Veronica’s blood.


Eden is the third person to have needles in her body. Even a complete brain-destruction cannot kill them. They come up with all kinds of theory for the immortality and the way Eden was killed and forced to accept it.


Till the end I wanted to like Tedrin and I did too but I couldn’t trust him. Eden felt the same, as you can see her prayer is the above picture. 😛 It was just that Eden’s point of view was very logical. Tedrin was manipulative and Veronica being emotionally weak wasn’t too smart to understand and Eden’s rationality kept her sane.

She went exploring another dimension in search for answers, followed by Tedrin and then Veronica and finally made a decision for all three of them. A decision that would kill all those needle made animals, kill them, and save our earth.


What they find, their equation with each other, their theories, their worries are all worth reading. Along with the fictitious world, the book shows the love and care of true friendship. 😀 The writing is addictive, I read it one sitting.

Why would I pick it up?

The humorous nature of Eden alongside her intelligence makes it a fun read. 😀


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