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Title: Mathieu
Author: Irene Ferris
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publishing date: 27th October , 2015
Published by: Robyn Lane Books
Pages: 296

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars





When Mathieu followed his king to war, he knew the Crusades were holy, that God went with him, and that he would return to the arms of his truest love. 800 years later, enslaved by the demon Gadreel, all Mathieu knows is pain.

After winning his freedom, Mathieu emerges from the dark void of captivity, only to find himself facing the soul of the love he left behind, in the eyes of Jenn Bartlett. Can he do the
terrifying thing she asks of him, and still save her from the monster he has become? Or will the darkness overcome them both?

My Take:

If I look at this book in philosophical terms like the English teachers always try to do with any piece of work, then I can say that it throws a great deal of light on the problem with too much power. 😛 Power is something that almost all of the humanity craves in some form or another and we all know that not many of the people with power play fair, too much of anything is always dangerously but power most certainly tops that list.


The person with power lives in the illusion of controlling things, manipulating things but in real it’s the power that takes over the person, manipulates him and turns him into something he might not have been otherwise. Power feeds on the evil in the person’s mind and keeps growing making them more evil and in turn more powerful.


This book shows exactly how power, atleast excess of it, can destroy everything in it’s wake. Power in the form of a demon Gadreel, whom Mathieu is bound to, shows the cruelty and then when it is destroyed and the energy and power is all transferred to Matheiu, because Gadreel was bound to him too, and because Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one form to another; when Mathieu gets all that he never wanted, the struggle he faces to keep the evil inside him is painful to the reader.


The emotions of this book are strong and every emotion gets you head on. I really felt for Mathieu, his pain, his suffering, and the belief he held onto despite all that he suffered is really heart touching.

It’s a paranormal romance. Jenn is supposed to be the soul of the person Mathieu loved 800 years ago but to be honest I liked the relationship between Jenn and Marcus, Jenn’s Husband, more. Marcus is the most understanding husband you can have. He is a great leader and a good person. A person that can be a rock in someone’s life. Dwayne was also a character I warmed up to. He was a member of the foundation Jenn and Marcus were a part of. He could see bits and pieces of future and heard voices and had his own demons to fight. He understood Mathieu and found someone who understood him in Mathieu. All the characters felt real, nothing spiced up, just plain and simple. The emotions strong and their reactions justified.


The cover of the book is so perfectly in sync with the climax of the book that you can almost feel the energy radiating from it.

There was nothing to not like about this book. The character, the setting, the story, the time it is set in, the circumstances, the little mysteries, and most importantly the emotions all connect well. I really liked the book although I would have liked some more at the ending. The ending could have had 2 or 3 pages more at the very least.

Why would I pick it up?

This book is a amazing work on giving a reality check on how harmful power can be and how much determination, belief, and willpower can help win over anything. 😀


Author’s Bio:

IRENE FERRIS wanted to be an archaeologist paleontologist astronaut when she grew up.Instead, irene ferrislife pushed her into insurance claims to expiate her past life sins. Obviously, she was a horrible person. Writing dulls the pain, has fewer calories than alcohol and is (mostly) completely legal.

She lives the dream in the humid paradise that is Florida with her exceptionally patient husband, daughter, and two extremely stupid cats. She is well on her way to her retirement goal of being a crazy cat lady. All she needs is thirty-seven more cats.



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