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Welcome to my stop of the blog tour for the book “Uncharted Territory” by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, hosted by Sage’s Blog Tours.

Let’s get on with the review, shall we? 🙂

Uncharted-Territory flat book cover


Title: Uncharted Territory (Angela Panther #3)
Author: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
Genre: Mystery
Publishing date: 6th February , 2015
Published by: Booktrope
Pages: 298

My Rating: 5/5 stars





Suburban housewife Angela Panther didn’t want to communicate with the dead, but the universe had other plans…

When an unidentified fourteen-year-old boy takes a dive off an interstate overpass, to solve the case, Atlanta area detective Aaron Banner calls on some unlikely help–from psychic medium Angela Panther. Banner knows she’s legit, and knows she’ll get to the truth about his junior John Doe–was the boy’s death suicide, or murder? The problem is, the spirit can’t remember who he was or the night he died, and to make matters worse, he doesn’t care.

Instead, he convinces Angela to focus on another spirit, one different from Angela’s usual, garden-variety ghost.

To complicate matters, Angela’s best friend Mel, newly single and on the prowl, has her sights set on the sexy Detective Banner, and Angela’s mother drives her even more crazy dead than alive.

To solve the dead duo’s dilemmas, armed with little more than their double lattés and a tiny pink bottle of wannabe pepper spray, Angela and her sex-starved sidekick Mel must venture into the dark underbelly of Atlanta and come face-to-face with a gang of saggy-pantsed hoodlums ready to take them out. Will they make it out alive, or end up pushing up daisies alongside the spirits they’re trying to help?

In UNCHARTED TERRITORY, AN ANGELA PANTHER MYSTERY, Carolyn Ridder Aspenson’s witty dialog between psychic medium Angela Panther and her best friend, Mel will keep you laughing out loud, while the tear-jerking scenes between the living and dead will leave you hoping the connection with those we love is never lost.

My Take:

This book is fantastic! 😀 Like really, really good and I will tell you why. 🙂

First off, I love  a good mystery and good mystery it was. 🙂 The writing is wonderful, it is one of the rare books that you wish was a result of your brilliant mind. 😛 After a long time I have come across a book that was actually unputdownable.

Mix mystery with wits and humor and this book is what you get. The synopsis is so well written that all I have to say is already in it. So, I will rather point out the things that I loved in particular, and mind you that’s almost everything. 😛

A psychic medium, seeing ghosts, helping them… awesome! 😀 😛

Angela is a damn smart character and her character growth in accepting her gift of seeing the dead is really nice and feels real. Her mom Fran is hilarious, cool, and quirky. I loved her. ❤ Her best friend, Mel, ahh… she is as cool as Fran. I think Fran and Mel play a huge part in making the book hilarious with their oh-so-witty dialogs. 😛

Here are some examples that support my statements. Enjoy! 😉


A conversation between Angela and her son, Josh.


A conversation between Angela and her daughter,Emily.






Continued… (the next screenshot.) 😛


A conversation between Angela and Detective Aaron. This conversation was too good to pass on. 😛



Mel to Angela


Fran about some random character


How could I not have loved this book. It is a perfect mix of mystery, humor and great characters, not to forget the interesting storyline and engaging writing style. 😀

I now want to read the earlier two books in the series and am damn excited for the next book because damn, the ending of the book just gave my heart a tug for the next story. A hint of it, that was all I needed. 😀

Why would I pick it up?

Haven’t I given you reason enough? 😛

Can we swoon over the cover? Oh my God! It’s so damn beautiful, all the colours and the design make it really attractive and makes it stand out. 😀 All my favourite colours on the book, cool! 😛

Author’s bio:

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is a freelance writer and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble best-selling author of Unfinished Business, An Angela Panther Novel, Unbreakable Bonds, An
Angela Panther Novel, Uncharted Territory, An Angela Panther Novel, the contemporary romance novella The Inn At Laurel Creek and Santa’s Gift, a Cumming Christmas Novella.


You can find Carolyn at, on Facebook at Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Author, and on Twitter @awritingwoman. Carolyn is published through Booktrope Editions.

Meet the author: | Website | Facebook | Twitter |

Get the book on:Amazon | iTunes | B&N |


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