ARC Review | Die Again Tomorrow by Kira Peikoff

die again tomorroe


Title: Die Again Tomorrow
Author: Kira Peikoff
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Literature/ Fiction
Publishing date: 29th September , 2015
Published by: Pinnacle
Pages: 320

My Rating: 5/5 stars  

*ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Isabel Leon, the star of a survival reality show, thinks she can endure anything. But when she unwittingly gives an unscrupulous mogul a chance to profit from her murder, she becomes the target of a terrifying killer who makes nature seem tame by comparison.

At first left for dead, she is rescued by a medical research team that operates outside the law.  She awakens to find she’s the living proof of a breakthrough that can change the world. Some people would pay any price to control it. Others would simply steal the secret–even if it costs Isabel’s life. As powerful rivals pursue her, Isabel must risk everything to protect those she loves–or die again tomorrow.

My Take:

Fabulous! That’s what the book is. 😀 It’s a piece of work, really! 😀 I loved it! ❤

I have always been in awe with the things that science can do and science fictions take it to another level of WOW! 😉

To start with how I felt about this book, it has all the aspects to be a bestseller. The writing is nice, the story flow is up to the point, no unnecessary hitches, and the character development is brilliant. The way the protagonist comes to see life in the end is how I have always liked my characters to grow. The other characters too show positive changes.

Isn’t the title and the synopsis intriguing? 😀 I think I made a good decision picking this book up and man, it was really worth my time.

The book focuses on two different things and ties them off in the end. One is the Life Insurance Sale (which I had no idea of) another is a formula that helps slow the death of brain cells eventually bringing a person back from death. Both the aspects held on to my curiosity throughout the book.

Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-41-55-1 Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-42-13-1







These snipets are regarding the process of using the chemical X101 on a dead person (I won’t tell who, well, it’s the opening of the book but hell, I wouldn’t be spoiling it for you. 😛 )

The part that just hooked me onto the story was- Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-42-28-1

I mean how can you not be drawn in when people come back from being dead to bring on justice.



I think where seriousness is in full swing, the humor lurks to keep things sane. With all the bringing the deal people back business, people couldn’t help make death related jokes. I don’t blame them. 😛  

I kind of didn’t highlight some more or forgot to take snapshots of them, anyways there are more humorous stuff like this one. 😛  




Some of the philosophical stuff that I adore in my books. It comes with the character development and that’s what makes the deal a fair deal for me. 😉

Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-43-01-1 Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-43-13-1 Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-42-45-1 Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-43-46-1 Screenshot_2015-09-24-09-44-13-1









This is kindof how it all ends, just to keep your interests piqued and to tell you why I think there might be a sequel on its way. 😀 I can’t wait for it. 😉


I might have gone overboard with the snapshots this time but seriously guys, if I could, I would have just handed you all the books. 😀


Why would I pick it up?

A good science fiction is really good to keep our brains in awe to the powers of science and to the dangers it brings with all the wonderful things. 🙂

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