ARC Review | Dear Hearts by Ericka Clay

dear hearts


Title: Dear Hearts
Author: Ericka Clay
Genre: Fiction
Publishing date:  2015
Published by: Tipsy Lit
Pages: 140

My Rating: 3/5 stars  

*ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review*


From the outside, Mitch and Elena Reynolds are a typical White Smoke family: married, raising a daughter, running a local business, attending church on Sundays. But their happy family image starts to crack when Mitch has an affair with local White Smoke resident, Aaron Hooper.

Mitch and Elena’s tumultuous relationship is further tested with failed attempts to get pregnant again, forced AA meetings to curb their alcoholism and bitter therapy appointments to try and “fix” their daughter, Wren. It’s not until both Mitch and Elena trust in their love for their daughter that they begin to rekindle the connection they first formed as kids. But is it too late?

From the author of Unkept, Dear Hearts is an exquisitely told tale of love, loss and human connection in the wake of darkness.


My Take:

A shout out to a fellow blogger, Ericka, who blogs at Tipsy Lit, who also happens to be a writer. She has more books under her wings but this is the first book I have read by her. Thank you Ericka for providing me with your book. 😀


This is the first line of the book. (I used another reader so the image isn’t that clear but you can still read it. Ohh, chuck it! I will just type it again. 😛 )

People do things out of love, I guess, but I also got this theory that you do them because there’s a story building.

This line had me hooked in the start but Mitch didn’t convince me much as a character. He started boring me and when I thought it couldn’t get better from this point, we got Elena. Elena, according to me is a better narrator than Mitch. 🙂 Their daughter, Wren, suffers from some kind of bladder problem and wets herself. I think that’s the result of stress on that little kid because of her parent’s fights after downing too much alcohol. Yes, Mitch and Elena are alcoholics.

Did I say they were high-school sweethearts? Because they were. 😀

Mitch bores you, Elena keeps you sane but at the same time I couldn’t understand some of her actions. Her following some random woman like a creep and her tendency to clean things and then smell like bleach herself when she was upset. 😛 Like, what more do you want to do, woman? 😛 Elena, according to me is crazy. She has this secret job at a second-hand cloth store, buys a tv and then stores it on rent, envies her friend’s rich life, creeps people out, steals from the mall, drinks Dr.Pepper with alcohol all the time. 😛 Man, she would have made one hell of a protagonist if not for Mitch.

Mitch came out as blunt and distant and confused. A gay man, who refuses to accept his sexuality and hides under the cover of his marriage. While trying to have another baby with his wife, he is also having an affair with a man. He seemed so selfish at times. His reaction to his daughter’s bladder problem, leaving Elena and then going to Aaron and then deciding to go back to Elena and then dump Aaron. He removed Elena’s ring from his finger without a second thought when Aaron kind of proposed him with a ring and then on his way back home he again without a second thought tossed Aaron’s ring in a dustbin. How stupid of him to do that. :/ He was just toying around with everyone’s feeling because he was confused of his own. :/

The end was unimaginable. I didn’t get the end clearly. Was he murdered or was it an accident? But, whatever, I didn’t expect it to end that way and it obviously came as a shock. Like the complete interesting component was hiding in the last page. 😛


Why would I pick it up?

Life isn’t as simple as it seems. Sometimes, there’s lot more going on under the surface. To read under-the-surface pick this book up. 🙂 🙂


Get it here:



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