New Blog, New Blog Design and Life Updates!

Hey guys,

This is something I had on my mind since the past week. I got to know about a challenge and wanted to do it. I battled the idea of making a new blog and having a new page included in my book blog itself. Finally new blog won the battle. Experimenting With Life, yup, that’s my new personal blog. ❤ You can read how I got to making a new blog in my introductory post here 😀

Then I decided to give my book blog a new look and mind you, I am bad at making decisions. I couldn’t decide on the theme and ended up using somewhat similar theme to my previous one. (Trying out new things in safe zone. 😛 ) I added a few pages and still have some work to do. I haven’t got used to my new theme. What do you guys feel about it?

I made a Twitter account today because the author I wanted to send a message on how much I
enjoyed a book didn’t have a website neither did she have a valid Goodreads account. So, in the spur of the moment I made a twitter account. I never thought I would make one because I never quite felt for it. Anyways, the handle I created in that stupid moment is @dimplebookfeels I know that’s stupid but sigh!

I finally completed a goal today. Read all about it here-

Source: Challenge Accomplished: Write a letter to myself to be opened after the 1001 days.

After all this and yeah, after typing out 5 reviews and posting one from them in the morning, I thought that I should make this announcement today too. Some good came out of my not-going-to-college fever. I again took a leave today. Sigh!

My exams start on Friday and will last till Wednesday and I have 3 books to read before Monday. Quite twisted schedule, ehh? But I am quite enjoying today’s day, I haven’t had a peaceful day like today since my college started. How was your day?

Head over to my new blog and if you feel like you might enjoy my list, join me in having fun because I love sharing little events and stupid things that I do. ❤ 😛


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