Disney Book Tag!

I was tagged by Aneta @ Inspire Script and I loved her post. Like her, I am not a princess fan either and I don’t even properly remember some of them but this sounds fun. 😉

Let’s jump right into it. 😛 😛


1. The Little Mermaid – A character that is out of their element, a “Fish out of Water”.

Mare Barrow from Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. She has been a Red all her life and then she is forced to live like a Silver, from being a thief to being a princess, she is definitely out of her element.


2. Cinderella – A character that goes through a major transformation.

Vida Winter from The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. From being a ghost child to becoming England’s most loved author, that is a great transformation according to me.


3. Snow White – A book with an eclectic cast of characters.

Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling and
The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain.




4. Sleeping Beauty – A book that put you to sleep.

No book actually puts me to sleep or all the books put me to sleep? I don’t know. I read till I fall asleep so this is a tricky one. I don’t think I will answer this, although I named a book in The Bedtime Book Tag, I feel it wasn’t fair for me.


5. The Lion King – A character that had something traumatic happen to them in their childhood.

Kelly Harris from Are you Afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon. She was raped as a child. :/

Are You Afraid of the Dark?


6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful.

Deception Point by Dan Brown. It isn’t exactly beast of a book with just 556 pages. But before starting this book I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I loved it. ❤

Deception Point


7. Aladdin – A character that get’s their wish granted, for better or for worse.

Joseph from Chocolate Guitar Momos by Kenny Deori Basumatary. He tracks down a random girl after 8 years wishing her to be his soulmate and well, she turns out to be that.

Chocolate Guitar Momos

Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. She gets to meet the author of her favorite book and gets to know what happens to the characters. (I read it somewhere and I couldn’t agree less. 😛 )


8. Mulan – A character that pretends to be something or someone they are not.

I will again select Vida Winter from The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield because she pretends to be one of the twins who died. I won’t be telling more because… spoilers. Well, I have already spoiled it in a way but I needed to answer the question. 😛 (You should read this book! ❤ It’s awesome. ❤ )


9. Toy Story – A book with characters you wish would come to life.

No doubt, Harry Potter! 😀 😀

10. Disney Descendants – Your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character.

Voldemort! 😛

I had fun, now it’s your turn to have fun. 😀  I tag- 

I hope you enjoy doing the tag. 😀 If you have already done it or don’t wish to, feel free not to. 🙂

Dimple ❤



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