One Lovely Blog Award!


I was tagged by the lovely Becca of Becca and books for this award. Thank you so much, love! 😀 😀 Your blog is lovelier than mine. ❤ ❤


  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself. 
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    Facts about me:

Lol! There’s nothing interesting to know, to be honest. 😛

  1. I want to learn as many languages as I can. I can’t even speak my mother tongue and I am ashamed of my inability. I have made it my goal to at the very least learn one of the foreign languages. This isn’t exactly a fact but I get drawn to stuff that can teach me stuff that excite me, people included. 😀

(Request: Can anyone please volunteer to teach me whatever language they know? Please… I would really be damn grateful. 😛 )

2. I’m really not very good at receiving compliments. That definitely has something to do with my low self confidence and my fear of never being good enough. :/ When I joined college first, I started getting more confident than I ever was but then I was brutally taken out of my misconception of everyone being good, nope, the world doesn’t work like that. I was emotionally shattered with all the dirty politics and games going on in my group. How the unsuspecting me was cornered. :/

It literally tore me apart. Although I got myself together and rose back but some part of me lost confidence. I think people never realize how their cheap ploys and dirty tactics can scar others for life. It might seem like nothing to them but it destroys the other person.

I am not the person who easily talks about my own fears but I guess I went with the flow. My sensible side is telling me to delete this but my emotional side wants to talk about it. I am so stupid. Please ignore. 😛 

3. I like being alone. 🙂

I think this has something to do with what I mentioned above. But, nonetheless, I love my own company, I feel like I am the best companion I could ever have! ❤





4. I can ride a bike! ❤ That’s me trying to look badass and miserably failing! 😛 😛  Desktop

I learnt riding a bike in 3 days, the first day itself I did fine and the second and the third day were quite fun. 😀
It was quite funny actually, the first time I started the bike and accelerated, much more than was necessary, the back wheel did a wheely and my friend was like, you haven’t learnt the basics yet, don’t try any stunts. 😛

The second day I was wearing a capri and got a little burn on the ankle with the silencer and then my bike just wouldn’t start in front of a police station and well, the road was kind of busy and one policeman kept on staring at us. My friend was so scared that he told me to cross the road and he brought the bike over. 😛 And to top it all off, I was seen by 3 or 4 seniors at different places riding the bike, which was weird for me, turns out they all lived in that area. *Laughs awkwardly* 😛

The third day, I had a minor accident! 😛 It wasn’t my fault though. I am not the only one saying that, my another friend who was following me and the friend who was with me agreed. That man thought we were some rich brats and tried to scare us so that we would give him some money but we were smarter than him. 😉

There’s so much to my biking experience. 😛 If you guys like, I could write a whole post about it. Those were the happening days. 😛 I still told a lot of things about it. 😛 

5. I love getting to know new people, study them and try to understand them. ❤ ❤

6. I have two piercings on each ear and want one more on each. ❤ 😀

 This image is googled but that is what I want. I already have the first and third, the second is what I am opting for. I have to get my mom to agree because I. am. not. going. alone. Hell, no!



7. I have a tendency of being way more sarcastic than is required with people who don’t understand sarcasm because hell, they aren’t going to get it anyways. 😛

I feel like I parted too much information while stating the 2nd and 3rd fact, that defies the warning that I first gave of not being interesting because my biking experience is interesting as hell. 😛 😛 There are so many incidences related! 😛

Time for me to share the love. ❤ ❤ Here you go lovely bloggers! 😀 😀


❤ 😀 Happy reading! 😀 ❤  



40 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. I find it amazing that you enjoy being alone. In the end we should be able to be left alone and depend on ourselves because you never know. People are selfish and the only way to survive is to love yourself. Not selfishly love yourself but mostly in the respectful way.
    It was good to know more about you and thank you for tagging me~

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  2. i identify so much with point 2 and 3. Going to college boosted my self confidence as well, oh happy times, the I was completely destroyed and was never able to trust people in the same way again… And I love being alone 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YAY YOU DID IT! I want to learn so many languages too! I know English and my moms language, Malayalam, and I’m learning French! And what frustrates me is when people don’t understand sarcasm…it’s kinda awkward…

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  4. We have so much in common!!!! I love being alone, want to learn more languages, and the struggle between emotions and logic is rough sometimes! Also, I consider sarcasm one of my talents, people start to understand eventually lol XD

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  5. I love my own company too Dimple. Alone time is good and necessary sometimes !!!

    Love the pics of you on the bike. When I was younger I had a Vespa for going to college. I was inlove with my Vespa ….Oh the memories !!! 🙂


  6. I think your is rather lovely. Rather lovely, indeed. This is one of my favorite posts ever. My inner stalker loves learning about people. (Just kidding, not a stalker, just curious.) I love your facts, and there was a great balance of serious and fun. That said, your bike-riding skills are totally bad-butt! 😉

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  7. Congratulations on the nomination! I, too, definitely prefer being alone – people can just be so irritating sometimes! You really do look quite badass on a motorbike, I would love to ride one but I’m too scared, haha! 🙂

    ~ Denise @ The Bibliolater

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  8. I can relate to all of them except for the bike riding which is cool thing BTW. I always wanted to learn foreign languages especially spanish and Japanese. I like being sarcastic too. Thank you so much for the nominating me! 😀

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