ARC Review| Next Stop: Love by Miranda J.Fox (Author) Jamie McGill (Translator)

Next Stop: Love



Title: Next Stop: Love 
Author: Miranda J. Fox (Written in German)
Translator: Jamie McGill (Translated in English)
Genre: Romance, Fiction
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
Publishing date: 15th September, 2015
My Rating: 3/5 Stars


*ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


Twenty-five-year-old Sophia Neumann has a big interview in Berlin, and if it goes well, the new job will allow her to escape her overbearing mother and make a life on her own. Unfortunately, the trip starts off on the wrong foot when she is forced to share a train compartment with an arrogant and devastatingly handsome businessman, one who both provokes and intrigues her. Once they arrive, Sophia is relieved to leave him behind—until she walks into her interview at Marcs Entertainment and discovers that he’s Luca Marcs, her potential new boss.

With office politics in mind, Sophia is determined not to mix business with pleasure. Yet what began as discord soon turns to desire, and when Luca reveals his feelings for her, Sophia will have to ask herself: Is this just a case of interoffice lust, or is Luca the real deal?


My Take:

This book is an easy read, fun and light. I eventually read it in one sitting. 😀

Okay, so this book is your typical romance book. It kicks off with the hate that eventually ventures into love. Typical, right? Although the hate was just irritation on Sophia and Luca’s (The main characters) first meet which was more or less part of other worries but it still started out as hate, so yeah…

They are forced to travel together because of some messed up double-booking of Sophia’s seat and conveniently we had our hero to be the one who had a complete compartment to himself. They obviously have some banters in the start and then eventually start getting attracted to each other. Sophia can’t wait to get rid of Luca because of her past experiences and Luca’s behavior in the start although he was nothing but friendly towards the end of the journey.

Here comes the co-incidence. When she walks in for the interview she finds out that her potential boss, son of the owner of Marc’s Entertainment is the same person she met on the train and wanted to get rid of- Luca Marc. Luca hires her. (Obviously!) 😉

Then starts Sophia’s struggle of realizing her feelings for Luca and going against her prior decision of keeping her professional and personal life apart. Her past experience with her ex-boyfriend makes it difficult for her to open up to Luca. But finally, after her friend, Lisa’s persuasion and her own will of putting her past behind, she decides to date Marc.They bond over their problems and how they have been always tied down by their parents wishes and expectations. Luca’s devastating handsome looks and Sophia’s smart mouth don’t help either. 😛

Here enters office politics. The girl, Mary, who has hots for our hero starts spreading rumors and Luca’s father tries to break them up but they eventually clear the air and get together.


Luca’s hair is compared to the twilight hero and there are 2 or 3 mentions of disney princesses. Sophia seemed to believe in fairy tales from the start but how life experiences make us fear the things we used to believe in Screenshot_2015-08-29-05-31-26-1is so real. This is a thing you get a feeling about when you read a book, you know, the deeper meaning that different people get from different stories. These are examples of what I mean. 🙂


The writing is simple and has its fair share of fun elements. Hear me out when I say- “TYPICAL LOVE STORY!” They meet- hate each other- get attracted- coincidence- fall in love- date- someone tries to break them up- they fall apart only to get back together- The end!


Why would I pick it up?

This book is the type of book you need to de-stress with, light and easy going or to read on road trips or train rides or on lunch breaks. 😀 😀 When you need a break from the reality but aren’t really up for the heavy, mind-racking stuff, this is the book for you! 😀 😉






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      Yes, I mind you doing it!

      Hell, no, just kidding! 😛 I am here to share ideas, I feel so proud when someone thinks what I am doing is worthy of trying themselves. 🙂 ❤ It's a great feeling for me! 😀 I love you for giving me that feeling! ❤

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