The Book Cover Guessing Challenge!

This is a damn interesting challenge! 😀

It is called, as you can tell by the title, Book Cover Guessing Challenge. So for this challenge what you do is you pick a few books (typically well known) that you know little or nothing about and guess what they are about, based on the cover and title. Then, you compare it with the actual blurb on Goodreads and see how you fare.

I was tagged by Tasha @ Head in the clouds, heart in the books, she is so sweet, go check her blog out! ❤ 😀

I’ve no idea what books I am going to choose for this. To keep it fun I decided I will write about 1 book and then select another and I will also state why I chose that particular book. This is going to take more time but I sure won’t be regretting it. 😛

Let’s get started…

Oh boy… what book to choose? Umm… *scratches head* *buries head in the pillow* *Starts dozing off* *wakes up with a jerk* *Decides checking Goodreads*

  1. Another Day by David Levithan.

Why I chose this book:

I went on the explore tab on Goodreads and thought about which genre would be easier to guess and picked out romance and well, I think I have read this title quite a few times and the author’s name sounded familiar due to all the review titles I see.

My take:

This cover gives me a feeling of a girl who is being let down in life by every possible thing but she hangs on to the hope of tomorrow, or in this case another day, being better. This might be the story of hope for all I can tell with the cover.


So, This is a sequel to another book… hmm… Well, I think what I thought can be the in depth analysis on the book. 😛 (Because I don’t want to be wrong. 😛 )

She has a shitty love life and has no hope, then one day something happens which gives her kind of some hope and she wants another day like that. (How you see things to suit yourself! 😛 )

Click on the picture to be directed to the Goodreads blurb.

p.s. I picked this book under the Romance genre but still had romance nowhere in the guess. How stupid of me. 😛


2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.

Why I chose this book:

I read the name of the book in the blurb of the Another Day and was aware of this book so well, that’s it.

My take:

The first cover gives me no clue whatsoever, the second one feels like a detective novel but knowing John Green and reviewing the cover of a book by David Levithan, I don’t think that’s probably the case. :/
The third cover is a bit more expressive though. What does this cover suggest? I think, it is about a guy who kind of has a split personality or a more subtle thing as he hides his real self in order to be acceptable by the society but then something happens that proves that the hidden Will Grayson is way cooler. Another feel I get from this cover is the cool and the anger, I don’t know. I think the color of the two heads on the cover give me that feels but then again it points towards two sides to a person somehow.


What the hell! I am no were close to reality. :/ Instead of Will Grayson being a person with two sides, they are two different people whose lives are entangled by fate. Read the blurb on Goodreads here


3. Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

Why I chose this book:

I googled famous books and chose the first title I saw that I have heard a lot about.

My take:

So, I think the girl is going with the flow, (from the third cover) you know like accepting what the life has to offer or like going on an adventure and… well, on second thoughts I think she left without a trace and the one who she left behind thinks she went with the wind. (That someone’s idea came from the cover that I think has the movie cover, which shows a guy and a girl. 😛 Will that be considered as cheating? I don’t think so because I am pretty sure I am wrong. Let’s check. I didn’t include that cover because well that’s a movie.)


I am so bad at guessing. :/ This story revolves around love and war.

Read about it here


4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

Why I chose this book:

I thought of checking out my reader to see what all reviews were out there, while I was checking the titles I remembered some book which had something like earl and the dying girl in it and coincidentally when I scrolled down I found the title.

My take:

Hmm, that’s a really pretty cover. So, this can be about two best friends who love the same girl and fall apart for her and come back together to make her dreams come true when they find out that the girl is dying or it could be about the protagonist and earl helping a dying girl, whom they somehow cross paths with. ( I hope this is some what close, please… please… please. )


Well, my second guess is somewhat right. (Ohh, thank God! Now I don’t look like a complete fool. 😛 ) The protagonist, Greg, and Earl cross paths with Rachel who is diagnosed with leukemia and they decide to film her which becomes the turning point in their life. Umm… interesting…

Click on the picture to be directed to the Goodreads blurb.

p.s. The earlier three books had an angle of romance and I didn’t guess it and when I guessed it why is there no romance?


5. The unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Why I chose this book:

My Goodreads page directed me to a list and I found this book there and having heard about it a lot, I thought selecting this as the last book for the challenge might be a good idea.

My take:

The picture of the entangled bodies got me thinking, is this romance? and then I read the praise by Cassandra Claire on the book, so it really is romance. The name kind of suggests like a dystopian story. The girl, I think goes through a major transformation and that is when she meets the boy who helps her and they fall in love while she also has to fight some kind of a battle.


Lol, kill me! I am totally wrong. You will find me under my blanket right now. There goes all my beliefs of me being smart. 😛

Well, Mara Dyer loses her memory in an accident and there is a mystery to it and also she falls in love. ( I hope she falls in love with the person who is helping her unravel the mystery, so that I can be right somewhere. 😛 )

Click on the picture to be directed to the Goodreads blurb.


This is it for the tag. I think 5 books are enough with my great guessing power. I don’t want you all to think that I am an idiot. 😛 ( My teddy says I am not. ❤ )


I tag:

I know I have tagged a lot many people but this tag is so much fun and I wanted to tag everyone but then the tag list would have been too long.

So, I tag anyone who wants to do this. If you want to do this tag and aren’t tagged, comment down below so I that I can tag you too! 🙂 😉

Spread the love! ❤

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