5 Days left to read 5 Books!

This month is the first time I made a to be read list– July 2015 TBR! 😀

Before this, I used to read whatever I wanted to, whatever interested me in the moment but I decided to give pre-deciding the month’s reading a try. I already knew this month was going to be a busy one, yet I thought that I would be able to read 15 books this month.

Easy said than done. I was on a great start and then everything went downhill. :/

The mid-July was the most confusing time for me. I was torn in between what I should be doing and I wanted to… apparently it had something to do with my career and whatever decision I made would affect my future completely.

So, eventually I didn’t get much reading done. If you have read my July TBR list then you might be well aware of the fact that I was to read 7 of Sidney Sheldon books out of the 15 I planned. So, with only 7 days I left I took a look at my list and realized that I would have to read 1 book each day if I wanted to complete the challenge I set.

Then I did a thorough check of the list and realized that another book was left to be read and that made the total to 8. I felt that I was going to fail my first ever list.

Today pumped me with hope, I finished reading If tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon, which I had been reading for two days, in the morning. Then starting If I Stay by Gayle Forman seemed a good idea. I started it somewhere about 7 am and was done by 1 pm with too many breaks of course. (I am hungry all the time. 😛 )

By 2 pm I started Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon and was done with it by 5 pm. I am thinking about starting my 3rd book for the day, maybe I would be able to complete, at the very least, half of it.

Even if I don’t, today has been a good reading day. ❤ Counting from tomorrow, that is 27th July, I have 5 days left to read 5 books! I hope I get through and don’t disappoint myself. 😛 😛


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