Days without Internet #2


So, after what seems like eternity, I am back to blogging. ( Who am I kidding? 😛 It has just been 17 days since no internet and that too I posted 2 blogs during that period. 😛 courtesy- my tablet and my friend’s computer. 😛 )

How do I feel right now?

Exactly, I have no idea whether to feel good or bad. I mean when I don’t have the platform to put forth my thoughts, I have genius ideas and then you give me Internet, I will most probably waste my life browsing useless, irrelevant stuff and what’s more interesting is that… I convince myself that I am not wasting my precious time, the time that is not going to come back; I am gaining knowledge, it might seem useless at this point but can save my life in the future, you just never know. (Yea, get me to give excuses for the things I do, my brain will work overdrive 😛 )

I need to stop making excuses and gear up! There are people out there learning to defuse bombs on the internet and then there’s me still trying to figure out a way to get the chips before the advertisement ends and the video begins to play.

It’s not that I always do NOTHING useful but it’s pretty much USELESS though. Let’s just say, time decides to just skip a decade by the time I surf ten videos unrelated to the topic I wanted to…

I just have to figure out my day better. As you all already know, I don’t work well with schedules, if you don’t… then you are lazier than me. Schedules aren’t for me. I am already behind on my first ever TBR schedule. (See the TBR list here) 7 books from the list to be read in a week. That’s going to be a lot of reading for the week.

That’s pretty much what I will be doing this week. 😀 Trying to justify at least one schedule and my first TBR list for a certain month. Sigh!

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