Book Talk | Confessions from the Pumpkin Patch by Karlyle Tomms.

☆ Book received in exchange for an honest review ☆

The title intrigued me. Quite an interesting title it is.


When I first saw the cover I wasn’t sure if this book was for me but then I read the summary and overlooked the cover.

Here’s the summary,
Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Lovella is an intelligent and rebellious child of the ‘60’s. She adores her alcoholic and ineffectual father while despising her controlling mother, and discovers in her teens that the most potent revenge she can take on her mother is through sexually acting out. When she goes away to college she meets Earl, an “ugly hippie” who takes her on a journey through life that she never dreamed she would take. She discovers that things aren’t always what they seem, and life seldom turns out the way we planned. There are mysteries surrounding her past that she struggles to understand. In the turbulence of the late 1960’s she is forced to face fears and prejudices she never knew she had. She discovers in the end that the simple small town life she left back in Climax, Pennsylvania was not so simple at all, and the true meaning of love and family is something only to be understood with maturity.

My take,

3/5 ☆

This book was an easy read. I would’ve finished it yesterday if I wouldn’t have stopped reading to have lunch and ended up watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and half of Conjuring and I dozed off early at night. :p


Anyways, the story kicks off with the protagonist Lovella telling the story behind her funny surnames i.e. her maiden name Fuchs and her married name Titwallow. As for her name Lovella goes, it’s a family tradition on her mother’s side to name the females of the family with an ‘ella’ ending. Hence, her mother Drucella, grandmother Claudella and aunts Johnella and Chloella. ( I really felt thankful for not having any such tradition in my family :p )

At first I thought that she was just acting like a typical rebellious teenager but then as the story progressed I felt like she was no different than her mother whom she considered selfish and controlling.  She was quite selfish herself. As much as she blamed her mother for hypocrisy,  I felt she was no less of a hypocrite herself. Her mother atleast was trying to control them for the wellbeing of the family but Lovella never once thought how her actions were going to affect others. Not even about her father, whom she claimed to love. Acting the way she did, never did she think that it could affect her father too, not only her mother.


Lovella’s father, John Fuchs, on the other hand seemed ignorant to me. He kindof had no role in Lovella’s upbringing. He never once tried reasoning with her, never tried to correct her not even when she was arrested and was rather shamelessly telling about it to her mother in his presence. He didn’t stop her from ruining her life.  All he did was, being there for her.


Gretta, Lovella’s best friend was sweet and I liked Tommy’s character too. Their encounter was a result of curiosity.

Earl is the best character of the book. I liked how understanding and cool he was about everything, how down to earth he was with all the money, how he stood up for what was right and took responsibility for everything he did and thought was right.

The grandparents were funny and the househelps they had throughout the story were good. Some of the situations I thought weren’t exactly necessary but in a small manner they contributed to the story’s beliefs.

In the end, how much ever Lovella thought of herself as an open minded person she was as prejudiced as she considered others, her internal battles against her own prejudices is what makes this story. How she overcomes it and lives happily afterwards gives it a postive ending.

As the book says, ” Every life worth living is worth living well.” 😀

Visit the author at  😀


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