May-June Vacations Wrap Up !!

June has been a great month as far as my reading is concerned. My vacations started in May so I had the complete May and June for reading. 😀 😀 Though I haven’t read as many books as I would’ve liked to read. Most of the times I wasted my time surfing the internet. But that’s okay. 😛 😛

Some of these books, I read because I wanted to and some of them because they were either recommended or over-hyped. In total, I read 28 books in these months. 😀

May Reads- 
I read 15 books in May. 😀

1. Your Dreams Are Mine Now by Ravinder Singh. 3/5 ☆ Screenshot_2015-07-02-09-48-14-12. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. 5/5 ☆
3. When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Dutta. 2/5 ☆
4. Fall For You by Cecilia Gray. 3/5 ☆
5. Few Things Left Unsaid by Sudeep Nagarkar. 1/5 ☆
6. That’s The Way We Met by Sudeep Nagarkar. 2/5 ☆
7. A Gift For Joey by Michael Puttonen 4/5 ☆
8. It Started With A Friend Request by Sudeep Nagarkar. 3/5 ☆
9. The Boy Who Knew Too Much 4/5 ☆
10. Chocolate Guitar Momos by Kenny Deori Basumatary. 5/5 ☆
11. Fallen Too Far (Too Far #1) by Abbi Glines. 4/5 ☆
12. Forever Too Far (Too Far #2) by Abbi Glines. 4/5 ☆
13. Never Too Far (Too Far #3) by Abbi Glines. 4/5 ☆
14. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks. 4/5 ☆
15. Rush Too Far (Too Far #4) by Abbi Glines. 4/5 ☆

June Reads-
I read 13 books in June. 😀 

1. Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. 5/5 ☆ Screenshot_2015-07-02-09-48-14-2
2. Ghanta College: The art of toping college life by Clyde D’souza. 2/5 ☆
3. Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle. 3/5 ☆
4. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. 4/5 ☆
5. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. 3/5 ☆
6. Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi. 3/5 ☆
7. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. 5/5 ☆
8. Looking for Alaska by John Green. 3/5 ☆
9. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. 5/5 ☆
10. Right Here, Right Now by Nikita Singh. 3/5 ☆
11. The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon. 4/5 ☆
12. Nothing Last’s Forever by Sidney Sheldon.4/5 ☆
13. Love @ Facebook by Nikita Singh. 3/5 ☆

I will soon upload reviews for the books. If only I would have taken some time out from the time passed on social networking and watching stupid shows, I would’ve had the reviews up already.

The books that I started but didn’t finish reading-

1. Are you afraid of the dark? by Sidney Sheldon. Read 1 chapter.
2. A Corner Of Paradise by Leonard Holton. Read 3 chapters.
3. Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L.James. Read 20 chapters. I don’t know why I am reading this. But have already invested a lot of time in it so will complete the book.

I have so many books that I want to read, so for the first time I will be making a TBR list. Hope I follow the list. 🙂 😛 


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