My stupid reasons for buying books! #1

Whenever I go to a book store to just have a look on the books. I don’t just have a look, I stare! 

And then I start feeling for that book and bring it home with me. ❤ I am just an emotional being. I just can’t leave a poor book on its own. It needs a home and I provide it with a loving and caring home. And I am so stupid! 

I don’t know why do I even consider buying books without actually having the intention to read them. Like, seriously, I need to get my priorities straight. I can’t just go on buying books for lame reasons. I am not that rich. :/

For example, these are some of the books that I haven’t read and have been sitting on my shelf for a considerably long time now. 

20150701_184116Chicken Soup for the Golfer’s Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jeff Aubery, Mark & Chrissy Donnelly.

I bought this book solely because I wanted to own atleast one of the Chicken soup series. I don’t even have an interest in golf. But just the thought of owning one of the books from the series made me pick this book up. This was from my latest haul though! Sigh.


Another inspiring collection of tales from the Chicken Soup series, Chicken Soup for the Golfer’s Soul features true stories from scores of golf pros, caddies, and casual players alike. You’ll improve your game and your approach to life by reading this wonderful collection.

20150701_184039A Journal of Love and Healing: Transcending Grief by Sylvia Browne, Nancy Dufrense.

The only reason for buying this book was the feel of it. Come on, Don’t judge me. Every reader has done that once in their lives. The cover was so fluffy and the pages too pretty and soft and it even had space to make your own notes after every chapter. Who can say no to that! I don’t know if I will ever get round to read it, sigh!


“Losing loved ones can make us feel as if we’re children, wandering lost and alone, searching for a familiar place to rest our hearts. This journal can be that place.

“We’re personally making our own way through the maze of grief and despair, so we offer you unconditional understanding, comfort, inspiration, and acceptance.

“This journal is for those of you who love deeply. It can encompass your letters, ‘phone calls, and conversations with those who have gone Home to the Other Side. It can also serve as your refuge, your friend, and your tribute to your loved ones as you fill the pages with what you need to say, share, and remember. ” –Sylvia Browne

20150701_184142Great works of Henry James.

Okay, so I have not yet read a Henry James book. I can’t blame myself for jumping at the opportunity of this book as it was on discount. 😀  I bought it and I will read it soon. And by soon I mean maybe by the end of 2015, sigh!

20150701_184509Tongue In Cheek, Between Males, Lots of Love by Fiona Walker.

Kill me! I bought Tongue in cheek 5 years back and yet don’t see myself reading it in the near future. :/  Recently when I visited the book fair and saw Between Males and Lots of Love… I bought it. Why? Why, you ask. Because I am stupid. I bought it because one of them was the part of the series and forget it… I don’t have an intelligent answer.  I bought it because I owned one book by the author already. I know, I know, that’s not a very good reason unless you have liked the author’s work, sigh!


Lots of Love and Tongue in Cheek are the 1st and 2nd installments of the Lodes Chronicles and the summary will make the post too big. 😛 😛 I will do a review when and if I read them.

Between Males

Odette decides to throw away the high-powered job that doesn’t leave time for relationships and start her own club/restaurant. When the venture seems doomed by a gorgeous rival chef, Odette sets her sights on revenge. Accepting a menial job in her enemy’s kitchen, she plots his downfall—but ends up getting her heart broken, fingers burnt, and her goose cooked.

20150701_184720Detective Book Club.

I bought these books for two reasons. Detective novels and the feels! ❤ ❤ They felt good, literally good, in my hands. And they look good on my book shelf too… Well, they aren’t just sitting idly, I have started reading A Corner Of Paradise. So, in this case I am forgiven for buying these, sigh! (of relief, this time. 😛 )

I have many many books that I have bought out of sheer stupidity but I don’t regret buying them. 😀 I will soon write about the remaining books. The classics and the books I fell in love with after reading will be included in the upcoming blogs. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

4 thoughts on “My stupid reasons for buying books! #1

  1. Yeahh !! u have mentioned some of the books that we had buyed together :p & i know how stupidly u wer buying it ! :p Though … keep posting. Loved It ! :* ❤

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