The pleasures of walking !!

When I was younger, I liked using vehicles more than using my own feet. How nice it would feel reaching places with next to no effort. If you used public transport then you just had to reach for the vehicle and if your parents drove you around even that effort wasn’t needed.

“Why walk when you can ride” was my motto. I dreaded the times I had to walk but now when I look back I have enjoyed walking since the start but never really realized it unless walking started seeming like a privilege.

Now-a-days I prefer walking anytime I get the chance. I am always early to places so I always have an option of walking. I realized how much I have started loving walking, I started walking even in afternoons, in the harsh summer afternoon without any means of protection, no sunscreen, no goggles but sometimes I cover my head with stole. Although it protects from the direct heat but with that sweat decides accompanying me for the walk.

I never think of the route actually and always get shocked when my legs turn right or left as if they are programmed with the correct route, I even manage to cross the road without seriously thinking about it. Here I am walking on the left lane and the next moment I am crossing the road. It amuses me how we are indulged deep in our thoughts to even notice that we have reached our destination.

It’s like you keep a file to download and while it is being downloaded you watch a movie. You know that there is an activity going on in the background but you choose not to pay attention to it. The same happens when we walk. We know the directions, we are aware of the surroundings, we check the road before crossing yet we fantasize or have serious thoughts that are the center of our attention for that instance. No matter how long you have walked, you will never be tired if you are accompanied by your thoughts. I, as a matter of fact, always feel kind of disappointed when such walks end.

the peaceful country side walks

the busy city lane walks

As I start nearing my destination, reality kicks in and I realize the self-finding walk is about to end and always plan that someday I will go on a long walk alone, doesn’t matter if it’s the peaceful country side or the busy city lane. But on second thoughts, I shun the idea every time because you can’t plan such serene moments… they just happen. These walks in the busy schedule are the time you get for yourself, the purity of these walks can’t be defined in words. Some feelings are so divine that you sometimes question your lifestyle. But if it wasn’t for this lifestyle I wouldn’t have ever learnt to appreciate small things like going on a walk.

Walks for me are one of the ways for disconnecting myself from the world while still being a part of it. My physical entity is present but my soul wanders to far away lands, to lands I dare not visit in this world; I have conversations that are too controversial; I think about my dreams, the dreams that I am scared to discuss with any of the people I know; I justify my ignorance to ignorant people; I rant about people who have done me wrong (saying some bad words in mind ain’t gonna be hurting anyone, so why not?); I motivate myself with words which seem to be coming from a wise person to a struggling soul. Eventually my walks turn out to be the time I connect with myself, I get to know myself more, explain myself the righteousness of my acts, look deep inside the reasons of my decisions and in the end feel content with my life and my choices.

I am not talking about the daily walks you take after having dinner or for work but the once in a while walks. Daily walks are routines that we follow, so the thoughts we have are either planned or are of something that won’t matter in a few years span. You think about how your day went, how irritating people were, how much you need to go on a vacation and all those negativity lined things in the daily walks but the walks you take randomly help you discover yourself, the thoughts you have can prove to be life changing and it will surely be beneficial in the upcoming years.

Walking helps clear my head, like people take power naps, I take power walks. While I am studying or surfing the net, cleaning my room or listening to songs… I prefer walking. Strolling in the house is the break I take from whatever I am doing, it helps me start things afresh.

Walking while listening to music !

Walking while eating !

Walking while reading !

Walking and talking is a pretty deadly combination for me. That are two of the things I love and if you combine them then Gosh, I feel like I am the most peaceful person alive. I even stroll while talking on phones, I just love it !! ❤

Walking has thought me that these little pleasures are what counts in life… these just happen, you can’t plan them. Planning makes things mechanical and the feelings are not meant to be mechanical.

For a girl who started taking her first steps in seven months, walking has to be dear…!! 😉

P.s. Happy walking !!! 😀 😀


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