Nothing is ill said if not ill taken !!

Ignorance can’t be bliss all the time. There are times when though ignored, the things bother us. Nobody tells us what is to be done then. These are the times when the actual battle takes place in our minds. We have two options either ignore or answer back. But some comments are so cheap that it cannot be dignified with a response. What to do when you have to deal with the people who puke acid? You will get the answer at the end of the post.

To deal with any of the problems, we first need to understand its reason. What type of people make it their duty to taunt people?Β 

1. Jealous

This type of people will be having a problem in whatever you do. According to them whatever you do is a deadly sin. They won’t leave a single chance of making you feel small. They don’t realize that it’s not you that’s bothering them, it’s their jealousy. You are what they want to be or are trying to be. You either remind them of their failure or they feel inferior in your presence. They get too used to trying to bring you down that they often forget that the things they speak may drive people away from them. The mean things they say to you might be funny for some time but after a point it gets too lame. People eventually stop being a part of their jokes and become nice to you.


My advice – Instead of feeling bad for yourself and indulging in self-pity, be proud that somebody thinks you are better than them. Whenever they make a mean comment to you, smile and walk away because you don’t need to stand up to people who are immature to deal with their emotions. Β Take their comments as compliments and as a reminder of your achievements.

2. Rumor spreaders

This is the evolution of jealous people. When they can’t bring you down with their mean comments and wishing ill for you does not bring you down either, they resort to the next possible thing they can do to satisfy their egos. Spread Rumors! Rumors are usually spread by the people who can’t have their means with you or know that they can’t achieve what you already have. These people thrive on the believers of anything that is served with a caption of SECRET! Gossipers are the perfect means of spreading rumors. Just tell them not to tell anyone and boom, the very next day, the whole universe knows about it.


My advice – You come to know who started that rumor, you most probably know the reason too; but you reacting to it will surely satisfy the purpose of it. Rumors are spread with a purpose of degrading a person’s name and breaking his confidence. My advice to that is don’t let any of the rumors you hear about you bother you. You have spent more time with you, than anyone has so you know yourself better. You don’t want to react and give people a reason to think that the gossip doing the rounds might be true.

Or you can do what I do… instead of ignoring it, enjoy the stories you hear about yourself with popcorn, of course. πŸ˜› Β You might actually get some brilliant ideas that may help you in future. πŸ˜‰

3. Gossipers

Now, these are the people who act as mediators for rumor spreaders and believers. Without them this game ain’t getting anywhere. They are interested in anything and everything. They take the input from rumor spreaders and give the output to rumor believers. They don’t bother much about relations. They will choose juicy detail over you any given day.

images (29)

My advice – If they choose shit over you, let them be in the toilet and lock them there. πŸ˜›

Don’t confuse Gossipers with Rumor Spreaders because Rumor Spreaders give birth and carry the newborn gossip which is nourished by Gossipers and sent to rumor believers.

4. Rumor Believers

Now this kind of people will believe any kind of shit they hear. They won’t even bother to see how illogical the rumor is. I mean, come on dude, can’t you just use your common sense. These are the backbones of Rumor Spreaders. Without them rumors won’t survive. They are actually doing a good deed by giving life to something… just kidding, they don’t have a life themselves.


My advice – Pay attention to people who believe in such things because they are the people you don’t need in your life. What good is a friend who believes someone else over you. Rumors actually bring out the true colors of people. True friends stick by you and fake friends believe the rumors. Don’t ever explain yourselves to them, it will do no good to you. You better cut them out of your life. You already have lots to deal with, you don’t need negativity around you.

5. Friends a.k.a. Secret Haters

Well, they are your friends because they can’t afford to be your enemies. They might need your help with something that might stop if they come out as your enemy so they make a safe bet of pretending to be your friend and you won’t even know when they got you to dig your grave yourselves. They support the jealous, become a fact giver to the rumors and enjoy you suffer.

images (30)

My advice – Never completely trust a person who says they are your friend unless their actions back it up.

What to do when you have to deal with the people who puke acid? Thank them. Yes you read it right. THANK THEIR SORRY ASSES! leave them confused to why their hard work is going all waste and why are they failing in getting you down or at the most getting a response out of you. You won’t have to destroy them, they will do it for you sooner than you can imagine. Remember, nothing is ill said if not ill taken. Slay every negativity with positivity.


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