Similar but not the same !!

images (9)Holding onto things when the circumstances aren’t easy defines you more than the importance of that thing in your life. It can be anything relationships, your dreams, career or a simple thing that is easy to leave. When all the conditions are against that thing you choose the easy way out of ditching the thing but what makes you a strong person is holding onto things in difficult times.

One of my friends and I were discussing about the game “Candy crush” I slept late last night as I was playing the game. Then my friend said how he uninstalled the game because the levels were getting difficult. To which I said that you can’t quit things because they are getting hard to which my friend replied saying there are many such things, so why waste time on a particular thing.That particular line of his which was meant for games, set my mind to work, thinking on (2)

Sometimes, simple discussions can lead to serious conversations.

Well, even I had a point where a couldn’t clear a level (181 πŸ˜› ) even after numerous days. I didn’t uninstall the game instead I let it be for some while and then after quite a few months I started the game again and cleared the level. After that I have cleared 105 levels more and I am quite pleased.

At a point my friend might be right, when we have lots of similar things then why waste time on only one, if it goes wrong we still have similar things. After giving it a thought I found out that I disagreed to that. Similar things don’t mean the same things. There is a huge difference between similar and same. I cannot settle for something which is similar to a thing I love when I can have that thing itself after a little hard work. The immense satisfaction you get after hard work cannot be beaten with anything similar. When success kisses you after failure has kicked you 1000 times, that feeling can’t be expressed. It is the best feeling, the feeling of what you are capable of, the feeling of not giving up and most importantly the feeling of SUCCESS !

The same applies to your relationships with people. You let go of your friend in the confusion of misunderstandings because it is the easiest thing to do than trying to clear all the chaos. Why? because you don’t want to work hard, you have many friends, your life won’t stop without that one person. But… but… but… the guilt trip you will get every time you see the person, the disappointment of not trying and the sadness of not having them near you will haunt you. All the ifs and would bes will surround you. Any other person can fill in the position of that person but they won’t be the same. They will be similar but not same.

images (8)Dreams are the most hard work requiring tasks. There are more times when quitting seems better than trying than there are times where working against all odds seems reasonable. If you quit at these weak moments you will never taste success and every night when you go to sleep, questions like – what if, if only, I should-be, will keep on firing. But if you hold onto your dreams at these times, no matter how hard it has been, it will always leave you satisfied when you achieve your dreams. There might be many things that are easy and similar to your dreams but it won’t be the same.

In life, we have to choose between many paths, the paths we choose decide our future. With no sight of a clear road, we

download (1)always have a choice to either change the path or continue dragging ourselves, with bruises and cuts, along the path we chose.

If you change the path, the pain you went through for the distance you covered will be wasted and you will never know how beautiful the end was going to be because lotuses bloom in mud.

images (7)

My adviceΒ – Work hard and hold on… you will be rewarded big time !! πŸ™‚


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