You choose perplexity or competence – Your problem isn’t what needs to be dealt with and overcome but the way you take your problem is.

As we grow up, we face many situations that change our personalities. Some people learn to deal with circumstances with as minimal fuss as possible while some create a lot of fuss over the minimalist things. Some learn to help themselves while some can’t help asking help from others. Some tend to avoid problems while some invite problems. Some turn optimists while some pessimists. Some grow with their problems while some become more miserable. Some open up while some shut up. In all, experiences change us. Every misery we deal with has an effect on us, whether we realize it or not but we do change.

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Most of the times, we go through good changes. Bad changes do not come with problems, problems are meant to train our brains like gyms are meant to train our bodies. If there’s a bad change in you after a hard phase is over then it is you who has failed to learn from it, it is you who made wrong choices, it is you who dealt with it in a wrong way or it just may be your company as well because all the problems in your life are meant to be lessons and like your school times you may feel that some problems are as useless as finding the x in maths but it will teach you something. That’s for sure. No knowledge is useless unless you know how to utilize it.

I have learnt a great deal of things from my bad experiences. Those experiences have polished me. I am grateful for those experiences more than the good ones because the good experiences become memories and bad experiences become a part of you.

Your scars reflect the battles you fight. Some encounters may give you wounds that leave scars when it heals, those scars will always remind you of what you went through and how you survived it. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself because of it, make it your pride. Make it your strength; whenever tough times come, show yourself your scars and prepare yourself. If that can pass then this can too.

handling-problemsWhen in a problem, observation of facts and events have always helped me out. Sometimes the ways you think would be the easiest to solve the problems seem reasonable but when you think about it in long run it doesn’t look great. So before acting on a solution why not give it a thought. Analyze it and think about it with a different perspective, think about how it will affect you now and would this thing actually matter in future. If you don’t get both the answers just flush your idea and think of something else.

Knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something is the most valuable knowledge, treasure it for it will show you the light in your dark times. Don’t ever hate your problems. Always love them. Loving the problems won’t solve them but hating doesn’t solve them either. Loving your problems solve half of your problems. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new, to grow, to find yourself and to become a better person. When you don’t think of your problem as a problem but a learning experience it no longer remains a

It’s all in our mind. It can solve thousands of existing problems and also create lakhs of non-existing ones. How you behave in hard times reflect your personality. Staying calm amidst all complications is what proves you to be a strong person.

A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful haunts our peace of mind, provides our mind with an unwanted guest who is a pain in the you-know-where but when it is regarded as a tenant then it leaves when the lease expires and pays in the form of knowledge and experience. Your problem isn’t what needs to be dealt with and overcome but the way you take your problem is.

Your bewilderment, lack of comprehension, bemusement result in perplexity; your inability to deal with a situation. Sometimes being oblivious is a better option than actually dealing with the problem and being stupefied. Every problem doesn’t need to be solved some mend themselves when you move on. Like when any of your relations break, you consider that pain as your problem; you cry, you rant, you plan revenge, you abuse, you curse but that doesn’t solve anything. What solves it is leaving it as it is and moving on. When you ditch a problem, its grip gradually loosens.

When your thoughts are muddled up, go to bed; don’t go to sleep, just go to your bed and get inside your blanket. Blankets have this tremendous power of making you feel safe and careless. That feeling is what you need to straighten up your mind, to clear the mess and tidy up your thoughts. When you come out of that blanket you should have a solution.images (6)

If not then you need to find a way of your own. A way that lets you think clearly, without any knowledge of what you are supposed to do and what not. Just close your eyes and go on.

Staying strong doesn’t clear the obstacles but helps you do it yourself. Believe in yourself and see wonders happen.

My Advice – Β Whether to pause your life with perplexity or cherish it with competence is your choice. Make your choices the backbone of your solutions and you shall live a life of eternal bliss.


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