The bigger the problem, the bigger the lesson, the better the you!

When I was thinking about writing my blog again, I thought about searching my bag for scraps of writing I throw in it. This is what I came across, I wrote this while I was getting bored in a lecture. πŸ˜›

Today, I don’t know what to write, I am not thinking about what I should put down on paper but the paper seems like it wants me to write something. I am allowing my hand to lead the pen, the pen is giving way to the ink, the ink is forming figures, the figures are turning into words, words into sentences and here I am, wrote a whole meaningless paragraph.

You know what, sometimes being meaningless is required; not knowing what to do; no idea where to go; sometimes going with the flow without a thought is important. You never know where going with the flow might land you, it can be heaven or hell. But taking the chance is worth it.


A path you might never have chosen if you gave it a thought, a path you just followed not knowing where it would go; the obstacles, difficulties, problems, everything unknown; surprisingly has the potential to show how beautiful life can be. It can somehow be your best decision.

There are times when nothing makes sense, there is no logic left in things, you feel like everything is just slipping away from your hand. The best way out of such situations is –trusting YOURSELF!!! – Β have faith in your capability to deal with circumstances, trust yourself like you’ve never done before, believe that no matter what you will survive.

Every time you need not be logical. You need not find logic in everything. Believing that Santa exists, there’s a world out there with unicorns and fairies, having faith in tooth fairy is crucial.

It’s you that is eternal, neither your problems nor the impact of your decisions will last long.


Yes, your decisions in such circumstances define you and yes, these decisions may affect you much longer than you can imagine but eventually you will get over it. Life doesn’t end with a wrong choice (if that was the case then I would have died long ago… πŸ˜› ), there’s always another chance to put your life back on track, that chance is what we call ‘tomorrow’. You never know what bigger problems tomorrow will bring. Why brood over today’s problems when you can use it to train you for the next bigger problem.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the lesson, the better the you!Β 

I think this is just the thing that I need to restart my blog. πŸ™‚


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