Opposite gender friendships!!

When the situations turn up against you, when the happenings around you are unreasonable, when the time doesn’t turn in your favor… you need a friend!!


In all these years, I have realized that opposite gender friendships are more understanding than that of the people of the same gender. I have been very lucky to have people to share my thoughts with. But as they say every good thing comes with a price, this isn’t an exception either.


You might love talking to your girl/guy friend and might confide your biggest fears in them and think that they are always going to be there and then they are committed and you suddenly realize that your close friend is of another gender and their partners won’t like your involvement in their lives that much and all your thoughts go out of the window. All this while you were friends, you never thought of this gender thing, for you they where just YOUR FRIEND but now even you start doubting your friendship.

Being a girl and having had many unpleasant experiences of girl-jealousy I have known to maintain a distance.

When your support system isn’t yours anymore, when the only thing you want to do is talk to them and they are only a phone call away but you choose to hold yourself back is when you start thinking that maybe you are not as important to your friend as they are important to you. A love interest can break your friendship just like that? Why? Just because they are in a relationship doesn’t mean they can’t keep your secrets from them but then you don’t want them to think that you are the reason for their partner’s insecurity.

So, you decide that instead of losing your friend forever; why not deal with your own problems and still have them in your life. Not maybe as a vital part but at least as a background friend.

You don’t want that your closeness with your best friend become an issue for them and their counterparts to fight about, you don’t want their partners to feel insecure about you and most importantly you don’t want to lose them and wish to see them happy even if it means you to stay away from them.


If your friend realizes your insecurity about their relationship and explains you your importance, then mind you, there is nothing more you could have asked for.

Although relationships are beautiful but they surely do add up some differences in the friendships with the opposite gender…!!

Having understanding people around you is a boon but going with the flow is sure to sustain the pure relationships that the heterosexual friendships share.

Trust your instincts and react accordingly to your friend’s relationship.

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