Riding like a star 2 !! :)

In my last post I described my riding experience…… The confidence that I built up that day….. it was time to check whether it was spur of the moment or I actually was confident enough to show my riding skills off.

So, the next day asusual I set for my morning ride, dad did not come for his walking routine as he had a headache. So I decided that I will take my mom for the ride.

Making her sit behind me was actually a task because she was scared to sit behind me. As I hadn’t polished my skills, if I would’ve lost my balance she wouldn’t have been able to control the vehicle, because of she being short her hands wouldn’t have reached the handle from back seat neither would’ve her feet touched the ground.

But I was determined,  I took two small rounds and then started convincing her to come with me. As her legs were already paining from the walking regime she follows now-a-days she couldn’t sit with legs on both sides.

So, I told her to sit like most Indian women, both the legs on one side. I knew it was going to be difficult, because it was already a task for me to balance the scooter and now I had to balance her too. Due to her sitting style, her complete weight was on one side, I prepared my mind to ride like I do everytime yet be extra cautious to balance the weight on the scooter.

When I was about to turn, because of weight on one side the vehicle went ahead rather than taking a turn and instead of panicking I tried to keep the handle straight and rode like the star I was :p

And what I see in front of me…. END of road, I had to turn, no other option and the road wasn’t good either and a single mistake would’ve resulted in an accident.

I took the name of the God and turned slowly and BAM!! I did it. πŸ˜€

That moment of happiness couldn’t be expressed in words. I learnt another lesson that day-

If you predetermine your mind about the difficulties you are                   going to face, no obstacle can stop you from achieving what you want to. πŸ™‚

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