Riding like a star !! :)

From some time now, my dad has been keen on getting all the documents made for me as I have crossed the legal age of being an adult. (Yup, I’ve turned 18  😉 ♡)

License being one of the things, he took me out for practise day before yesterday ( I already know how to ride a bike 😉 ) Riding the activa with him siting behind me made me nervous as hell.

In the process of trying not to look stupid in front of my dad, I actually made a complete fool out of myself by doing every possible mistake. 😦

Then yesterday, he told me to go for a ride all by myself. At first i was scared but I went on. After driving for some time, I gained confidence and set to discover my neighborhood by following a car. And explored places I have never been to.

I met my mom and dad on the way back, (they were up for a walk!!)
Told them about my trip with great enthusiasm. Seeing me excited made them happy. Seeing them smile made me happy too 😀

After coming home, I thought about both the days, on the previous day just to prove that I am best, I couldn’t show my actual skills and now when I completely did it for myself I was able to do it.

I wasn’t able to drive smoothly on a well built road because I gave more importance to what he will think if i lost my balance and on the other hand i drove like a trained driver, tackling all the mud, stones and not so good roads with puddles, cowdung and what not.

The two events made me realise that the things we do for our own happiness has more input from us versus when we do things just to show others that we can.

So, today i planned to take my dad with me for the ride and drive like there’s no one with me. Knowing that my father is there for me gives me a sense of security and a feeling of being dependent. I know that if I fall or lose balance he is there to handle and prevent me from falling.

But when you think that you are alone, you know that you have to save yourself. Self help is better than any help. That feeling of being dependent on someone else goes away and the confidence seeps deep inside your mind. With this new confidence you can show your skills in front of everyone without the fear of their reaction.

And yea, this time I did not let myself make a fool out of me and succeeded in convincing my dad that I know how to ride. 🙂 😉

As a result, he will be taking me for my driving test next week. 🙂


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