What am I feeling??

            What am I feeling right now?

  Umm even I can’t understand the confusion going on in my mind.

               That awkward moment when someone asks what you are feeling and you just sit there thinking, “What the hell am I feeling man??”
                 You try to analyze your situation, you try to determine how you should be feeling according to your situation. Sad, happy, angry whatever it may be. But what you actually are feeling is NOTHING ! !



                    Right now what I feel can be described with this picture. The calm ocean is my heart. But I am not used to this calmness. My heart’s ocean has always had big surfs forming, never so calm. So this peace is kindof killing me. From last few days, it feels as if my soul is out of my body. My heart is waiting for the first sun ray of the day to touch me, to embrace me from within. The happiness that I have been longing for so long, is what the rising sun describes.


It’s true that pictures speak 1000 words. What I failed in explaining myself, this picture did that for me.

                        I have a strong feeling that something really good is going to happen in my life. Maybe for that very reason my heart is preparing itself for that moment. 🙂 Fingers crossed 😉


One thought on “What am I feeling??

  1. Yaa Dimple ..Sometimes I also feel the same. We fail to understand whats wrong with us and the feelings are “NEUTRAL”.We think too much and end up Crying.But it doesn’t give peace but only Sadness.Then somehow we make ourselves understand that everythingz gonna be alright and carry on …But Alas ! We get the same feelings the next time…


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