Was I right or was I not wrong??

Sometimes in life you have to be in people’s bad books to make their life easy. You know at your heart that you were helping them but you are the one who is blamed after all that you have done.

That is the time when you start questioning yourself. Were your intensions right? Was your way right? Are you a good person?  You start doubting yourself. Even you see yourself as a culprit. 😦

Take a moment to think about it, a brief one, and analyse what went wrong.

But some people are bound to be blamed, like me.
No matter whatever we do, we are always wrong.

This incident will give you an example of what I am trying to say:
A and B had a fight over some issue. I was present too. B said something to A which hurt her deep in heart. I tried explaining A that B didn’t mean to hurt her.
B went away. I kept on explaining her so that she would spit her anger out. But instead she started blaming me and in that heatingΒ  moment even my words hurt her.
When B came he blamed me. (Wow!! -_-) “You spoiled her mood in the morning. When you know she takes everything seriously,Β  you should have kept quiet. Don’t you have this much sense,” said he.
Hmm, so now I am senseless. I wished to say, ” Oh me?? Was it really me who hurt her at the first place. I was trying to repair the damage you did. Don’t YOU have sense to have let go of the argument if you knew it would hurt her. I wouldn’t have had to intervene if you would’ve used your brain instead of your mouth at that moment.”
But as usual I kept mum. I felt miserable the following night. πŸ˜₯ I questioned myself but then I realized even if they are blaming me, I have succeeded in my mission. If this is the price I have to pay for resolving their fight and giving them peace in their life, then be it. I am ready to pay any price for their happiness.

With this thought I smiled, felt peace, thanked god and asked for strength to be thoughtful in such situations and dozed off. πŸ™‚

P.s. My piece of advice, “Before talking please connect your brain to your tongue.” You will thank me for this!! :p

6 thoughts on “Was I right or was I not wrong??

  1. Yess Dimple …We should think twice Before we talk. Our words may hurt others.And once we hurt some one, its hard to win their heart again.We may win their hearts,but the wound remains the same. But if We are at right place, our intenions are good and positive ,we should be thankful to ourselves rather than blaming.It gives us inner peace.
    Your blog inspires us , keep on the good work ..!! πŸ™‚


      • Yaa Actually. And then we doubt ourselves and our confidence on us is lost then and there itself. And then we are afraid to talk the next time and keep on questioning our mind if I should say or not , having the fear that our words may hurt them. 😦


      • That is when we need to think and analyse the situation. Our harsh words may sometimes help others in long run. So if you are confident enough that what you are saying is right, don’t back off. πŸ™‚


    • That is what happened with me. At such times, if we speak it will only worsen the situation further. Let them blame you, let your silence do the talking.
      Time has a great power in proving who and what was right.
      Today or tomorrow they will understand, If they don’t then remember God does. πŸ™‚


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