Old memories freshening up !!

Yesterday I felt really happy and peaceful after having a healthy conversation with my parents on random subjects.

Then at evening, when I sat thinking about how the day went, I suddenly felt sad and felt an strong urge to cry. I pitied my parents for having a daughter like me….

I mean, come on, they deserve a much better child….

I felt inferior,  inferior to all the children out there, i realised that i wasn’t doing anything for their happiness while they couldn’t think anything apart from my happiness.

After all that they do for me, the sacrifies, the hardwork, they do deserve to be well treated not with my mood swings, they deserve to have an obedient child not a back answering moron, they deserve to be thanked not an ungrateful child.

Then suddenly i realised, I am not as bad as I put myself to be.

I know everything, I love and respect them a lot by heart but fail to show it. ( I am really bad with emotions, except the negative ones.)

So, i decided that I will groom myself to give them what they deserve.
While i had these battle of thoughts in my mind. I remembered having created a blog named “Attidude…. the way my mind feels…!!” ages ago. Then felt ashamed of it and created a new one, this one. And then the blog went completely out of my mind.

I still remember how excited I was having created this blog. Old memories started freshening up. It’s amazing how your mind can link one thing to another and you are left amazed at the end because you know that you started at the Earth and have now reached Jupiter.

Now I want to continue writing it, as writing has always been my passion and having people read it my dream.

Hope i will be regular this time. 🙂


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