Starting blog :)

Living in a society where people are more interested in what you wear, what you have, how rich you are,rather than being interested in WHO you are, is really a tedious job.

Tackling with the society is the most difficult task for teenagers.

For a smooth-running life it is essential to have someone to share your dreams,emotions,fears,worries, someone you can completely trust.

But is it so easy to blind-trust someone?

For me it isn’t….

So, here I am. Sharing my life with unknown people because this way I will have nothing to lose and my trust won’t be broken.

I hope to make strong connections through this blog……



One thought on “Starting blog :)

  1. I’m simply amazed by reading ua blog Dimple.It reflects ua Personality.I really felt ashamed by reading ua blog. I realised how wrong I was …answering back to my parents when they care so much for me….


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